Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brian Burke Canned!

1) In a NY Islander-esque move, the Toronto Maple Leafs have kicked up stairs (fired) GM Brian Burke days prior to the season.  Most around hockey were shocked to hear that the team on the eve of training camp (before a single game played) decided to can the man responsible for assembling the current roster.  Who coincidentally was involved in crafting the new CBA .  We're told  its not out of the realm of possibility that this was the last straw. Big market Toronto wasn't thrilled with the CBA limitations placed upon it. However that was only a small reason why Burke was canned. The obvious reason was the team failed to make the  playoffs every season which he was the GM. 

2)  The writing should have been on the wall this summer when long time goalie guru quit (was not retained) by the Leafs. Then, as we we wrote back then burke-throws-allaire-under-leafs-bus.   A team is only as good as its goaltending. Something Burke should have recognized.  The lack of success in TO can be directly traced to weakness in this vital position.  Additionally there were some personal issues that we will NOT go into depth here. Suffice to say they didn't help.  Also don't for a second believe his position of 'senior advisor' is anything but a figure head title. As a source tells us, 'Burke won't be advising anyone in the Leafs organization!'  Its simply so he can't up and leave them and possibly use his knowledge of the organization against them.

3) If only the megalomaniac had listened to Fauxrumors 4 1/2 years ago. burkes-secret-destination.  Here we wondered why would he want to come to the ever-dysfunctional franchise/media circus in Toronto?Who could ask for a better situation that what he has now? He lives/works in Southern California. He's already won, so the pressure is minimal. He's making very good money. Why turn this away for a chance to be in the middle ring of the media circus that is Toronto? As we said then, it was about ego! He wanted to be the one to do something no one had done in over 45 years. Bring a Cup back to Canada's biggest city. A feat that would have guarantee Burke hockey immortality. Instead his is just another head stone in the grave yard of failed Toronto GM's

4) Burke fans, not to worry. He will unboubetly land on his feet. Don't feel sorry for him.  Look for him to be set free after the draft/free agency period is done this summer. Likely August/September. Knowing full well teams (other than the NYI) hire GM's in late summer. If a position doesn't open up there is zero doubt he won't have a position in the NHL hierarchy. He and Bettman remain close
Look for our Preseason/Cup predictions before the first puck is dropped on 1/19/13.  Plenty of rumours/trade intrigue also abounding now that new CBA appears ready to be signed by the NHLPA by Saturday!


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