Friday, January 18, 2013

Preseason 2013 Playoff and Cup Predictions


1)  Next in the prediction process is to use our published projected/predicted order of finish and use these as a basis for the playoff match ups. We will briefly predict these anticipated playoff match ups and determine this far out who will win each series culminating with who we believe is going to be the 2013 Stanley Cup winner. A few years ago when we did this we were very close to getting many of the match up/winners dead on. Last time not as well. Anyway, as we note in our season projections much of this is a dart throw. This is REALLY a dart throw in the dark! But hey, everyone else is making/publishing their Cup choice so why not make it interesting. Enjoy and feel free to tell us where we're off our rockers. LOL

First The East: Round 1
  • Pittsburgh-VS-Montreal: Montreal had to fight just to make the playoffs and it shows in this lop-sided first round easily won by the Pittsburgh.  Penguins in 5

  • Boston -VS-Tamp Bay: The heavily favoured Bruins are caught looking ahead and are out worked by "scars' troops after a long drawn out battle of attrition to advance to the second round.  Lightning in 7

  • Carolina -VS- Ottawa: Although the Hurricanes are the higher seed, you'd never know it by how easily they are disposed by the Ottawa.  Senators in 5 

  • NY Rangers-VS- Philadelphia: The marquis 1st round series. Both teams come evenly matched with Philly's star power up front vs Rangers stars on defense and in goal. As is usually the case, defense wins. (But NOT easily!) Rangers in 7

2) Round Two East:
  • Pittsburgh-VS- Tampa Bay: Repeat of a long series that the Bolts won in 2011. This time the Penguins are more ready and healthy than 2 years ago.TB fatigued from their previous series are no match for the high flying 'flightless birds'  Penguins in 5

  • NY Rangers-VS- Ottawa: Rewind of last year's opening round that took the Blue shirts 7 games to prevail. Although the Sens give New York all they can handle, in the end they can't muster enough offense to prolong the series. Rangers in 6

3) Conference FinalsPittsburgh -VS- NY Rangers: The battle many have been waiting for.  The potent offensive attack against the stifling defense and goaltending of NY.  No games get out of hand. At least 2 go into extra time.  In the end home ice is the difference as Pittsburgh gets the extra home game and win.  Penguins in 7

4) Next The West

  • St Louis-VS- Colorado: It won't be an easy task but this will prove to be the shocker of the first round as 8th seeded Avs out hustle Hitch's boys. Avalanche in 7

  • LA -VS- Detroit:  Like the previous series this one doesn't go the way most predict as the older(upstart-?) Redwings find a way to win the close games. Or at least enough of them to advance. A new Cup winner this year!  Red Wings in 7

  • Edmonton-VS-Nashville: A bit of a surprising  mismatch as the Predators try to play a defensive style while the Oils try to keep it up tempo. The Edmonton style is too much for Trotz's gang and the Preds fall relatively easily. Oilers in 5

  • Chicago-VS-San Jose: Probably the end of the line for the Sharks current assemblage that under achieve annually. No different this spring as the faster/hungrier Hawks outwork/hustle the Sharks.  Black Hawks in 5

5) West: Round 2

  • Chicago- VS- Detroit: Classic 'Original 6' series. Its no secretthat proximity breads contempt so its no shock that these guys hate eachother. Detroit is a bit worn down though from their first 2 series victories so can't keep up with the Hawks attack.   Black hawks in 6
  • Edmonton-VS- Colorado: The 'future is NOW' series as the leagues best young teams go at it in the conference semi's and proabbly not the last time these teams will compete in the post season. It doesnt dissapoint, but in the end Edmonton is simply too much for the Avs to handle  Oilers in 5
6) Conference Finals: Edmonton-VS- Chicago: WE can't wait to see this series! Much like the eastern Finals, there is no shortage of excitment in the hard fought, close series.  The young guns will prevail in the end setting up a dream Finals. Oilers in 6

7) Finals: Pittsburgh-VS- Edmonton:What many of us have all been waiting for.  The young guns of Alberta, verses the kinda young guns in Steel Town. Maybe what Mr Bettman would like, as having a Canadien team in the Finals hurts TV ratings in the states, but who cares this will provide GREAT hockey and have many forget about the lockout 6 months earlier.  Youth may be served, but not this year.  We believe that the Pens will ultimately win bu the NHL will be on notce that the Oli will be back.  Penguins in 5 to win  their franchises 4th Stanley Cup, and second in 4 years

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