Sunday, December 30, 2012

No Closer!

1) That's the summery of what we have learned about the CBA situation.  The NHLPA has basically been in "informational acquisition" mode the past 36 hours since they first recieved the 'new NHL' proposal. There have been numerous clarifications the players wanted from the league. As has been their M.O., the leaked crap from the pro NHL media wasn't close to the real/whole story. That was why we held our opinion Friday when it seemed everyone else was declaring the lockout at an end. It is NOT over folks. Not even close to it

2) The parts that the pro-NHL media sycophants left out was that the league was demanding a hard salary cap of 60 million next season(2013-14)  That would in effect be an immediate 15% pay cut for the players. Whats more, the celebrated amnesty buy out of 1 contract after this season (assuming there is one) is NOT such a great deal for the players. For it comes out of their already reduced share, NOT from the owners who were the ones who signed the 'bad' contract.  If the owners were the ones to pay for this buy out (and in reality there would probably be less than 10 such buyouts)  we would laud this part of the NHL offer. 

3) So whats going to happen?  Simple.  The NHLPA will make/formulate their on counter proposal. Likely to be given to the NHL either tomorrow or Tuesday.  They will tweak some of the NHL's offer. Expect the union to not accept the 60 mil cap, but propose a more modest drop to around 65-66.  They will counter with the suggestion that the owners pay for the 'buy outs'. Additionally, they will counter with FA contract max to be 8 years, 10 for same teams, and a 15% salary 'varience' from year to year (NOT from the start to end of the contract)   We expect the reaction to be of utter dismay/agitation from the NHL/Bettman.  The usual pro NHL media will do their expected anti Fehr articles of how he is the one responsible for the season getting scuttled.  On their side the union will state they will allow the 1/2/13 deadline to implement their dissolution of the union to pass.  An attempt to retain some good will/PR.  The next move will be the NHL's.  Can/will they move so we have a season?  Or are the really going to 'die on the hill'.  Right now a person we trust tells Fauxrumors 'Its 70:30 we don't play hockey this year".  When we asked 'this season or this year, he didn't want to answer. Ominous indeed. Stay tuned folks!  Oh, and Happy New Year!

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