Thursday, January 24, 2013

Isles To Market Brooklyn Hard!

1) The new Brooklyn Islanders (Yes, they will still be the NY Islanders) intend to attempt to market themselves hard to try to institutionalize themselves into the Brooklyn market from Day 1. For the record we say that Day 1 will be the 2013-2014 season, not 2015. Any who follows this blog regularly already knows that since last spring we have been stating/writing that we are hearing from VERY well placed sources that the Islanders are leaving the NVMC after THIS season.  In fact we knew this even before the official Brooklyn announcement was made .

2) So what will the marketing department try to do to retain and enhance the fan base?  From what we are hearing instead of attempting to retain the far Eastern fans from Suffolk County, the team will try to market to their new neighbors in Kings County (Brooklyn). Along with the Nets, "the borough will have its own sports identity", is how one local sports writer put it.  The Isles intend to tap into that old Brooklyn Dodger angle. Even, we're told creating a 3rd jersey that will use the colors that the Dodgers used last in 1957.Which coincidentally aren't that far off what the Isles current use only in different combination. There is no doubt a source tells us, that the Isles third jersey with Brooklyn in script letters across the chest will show up in some form very soon after the announcement of the team leaving Nassau for good this coming summer.

3) For the record we believe this will be a turning point for the organization. They will be looked upon differently by the league as they finally are able to pull themselves out of the perpetual funk the franchise has been in for the past 15+ years.  They will actually become 'trendy'. The young exciting lineup will be a hit with the young and trendy crowd in Brooklyn. Once that is established, finding UFA's to come play in the brand new digs will be relatively easy compared to before when UFA's used the Isles as a desperation stop or as a negotiation/leverage tool to find the team they really wanted to go to.  Income/attendance will no longer be a huge issue and finally after years of being ignored by the local media the team will again be considered relevant Happy days are here again for Isles fans, even if they now the old fans have to trudge there way into NYC to see their team.  

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