Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 2 Results

1) Week # 2 is in the books. For the day/night we went a crappy 4-4. After a 4-0 start on the day, we lost all the later games to drop to the Mendoza line. Combining the  2 weeks we are 9-12, or a .429 winning %. We did manage to win the 'Lock" to get to 1-1 on that stat. 

2) Look for Week 3's picks to be posted early Saturday morning when we choose the winners of next week's games when 11 contests will be on the line. Also look toward this coming week when we plan several interesting posts. Starting early this week when we discuss the possible demise of the NFL, and how it could impact the NHL.
As always keep it here for the latest!

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