Thursday, December 20, 2012

Raising Kane in 'Peg!?!

1) At first we found the reaction to an innocently made Evander Kane 'Tweet' amusing.  Then annoying. Now we find it absolutly outrageous!  For those who are reading this and are unaware of this silly situation: Yesterday Winnipeg Jet forward Evander Kane posted a tweet containing a picture of himself holding stacks of cash on a Las Vegas hotel balcony. It was obviously done as a joke, etc. It wasn't a particularly good one, and perhaps had more 'inside' meaning, but nonetheless it should have ended there. However the media, especially in Canada, not having much hockey to discuss these days took off with the story. Taking it places it had no reason to go. Starting with the 'insensitivity' to how Kane is apparently young and spoiled, etc.

2) Few know the Kane family story, but its FAR from privileged.  He comes from a large family hardly well off.  Yes, he has achieved at a young age what few will ever attain, but he doesn't deserve this level of criticism for a simple, innocent picture. Whats even more amazing is that writers who apparently have issues with the forward are using it to attempt to run him out of town! Case in point, the article by Gary Lawless in the Winnipeg Free Press In his opinion article he makes the very provocative mention that " Kane's Days are Numbers in 'Peg". When I read that I said out loud, what the F%$k???  Are you kidding me?  He then goes on to use unnamed players who aren't happy with Kane, etc. We could find NO players to back up the story. To put it simply Lawless's story was a hit piece. A piece of shit is more like it. However he wasn't the only writer or twitter(er) who was making similar bizarre/stupid statements. 

3) So why? Well there are two obvious issues here. One we already mentioned. There is little else to discuss in Canada visa vie hockey. Even the CBA discussion has little news to disseminate and columns still need to be filled with something, so we get this kind of tripe from otherwise decent hockey writers.  The other is more insidious but no less true. There is no doubt some racism in play here. Had Kane been Caucasian we do not believe the hoopla surrounding the picture would have ever been anything more than a 2 minute story. No mention of poor image, and certainly no mention of team mates having personal issues with him (when there are none to be found!) The kid just signed a 6 year extension. He evidently likes playing in Winnipeg. He is a fan favourite for his combination of skill and power forward ability. He isn't a goon but doesn't back down from anyone. If I was starting a team I'd want as many EvanderKanes as I could get. Certainly I think he is a better teammate than the 'other Kane!'  Hopefully we'll get a season and this nonsense stops!

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