Thursday, December 6, 2012

CBA talks To "Fall Apart" Later Today?

1) That's the word we are getting from a well placed insider. He tells Fauxrumors that despite the 'optimism'  we were being told mainly by management yesterday morning, things in fact have not changed a great deal.  "The players side is not happy", is how we were told things remain. He feels that the last 24 hours were just a 'PR stunt' put on for the benefit of not only the media, and fans but just as importantly for the 'moderate owners'. To prevent any possible coup attempts against Bettman/Jacob's rule over the board. They intentionally brought in a couple of owners they knew would appeal to some players (Crosby) and at the very least create a wedge between the players. For if they can fracture the union they are more likely to get the deal they want, and hopefully get Fehr the hell out of the NHLPA all together. A war within the war sort of speak.

2)   "You can bet if the face of the league played for San Jose we'd of seen that owner in there".  It was No coincidence that the Pens ownership group was used prominently this week, but in reality they held no sway within the Bettman controlled hardliners. It was funny listening to folks ready to give Crosby credit for saving the season. In reality, he was being used as a dupe all along.  At best he would have been lauded by some and vilified by many others as a sell out. Much like Trevor Linden was 7 years ago when he went behind Goodenow's back to broker a deal with the NHL.  The difference this time is Crosby to his credit, didn't fully play the game the NHL was hoping. He kept Fehr/NHLPA with in the loop at all times. Thus the reason why talks became tense later yesterday when it appeared the Crosby coup wouldn't materialize

3)  So now that the niceties from yesterday morning are over and both sides are back to discussing the core issues once again, expect the usual suspects from both sides to reemerge and we'll be right back where we were a week ago; a stalemate with little hope of getting a deal to save the season. Our source, who we legitimately believe in, tells us that " The only way a deal gets done is if the NHL is ready to actually ready to stop treating the players like children".  What we believe will come away from this week will galvanize the NHLPA not divide it further when they learn of the attempt they made the past couple of days. If/when things break down later today, it could be a LONG cold winter until both sides reconvene (unless the NHLPA decides to de-certify). Stay tuned folks, looks like its getting bleaker, NOT brighter. Sorry :(

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