Friday, December 28, 2012

Hold Your Horses!

1) The media frenzy over the 'leaked' "new offer" from the NHL is utterly amazing.  Since he first was fed, er 'leaked' the new proposal from the NHL,  Eklund and the other league-friendly media have been proclaiming this as a major concession, and that the season will definitely be saved. Some have even gone on to say the league has set Saturday January 19th as the start of the (2012)-2013 season. Yet, every player who we could contact, and every source who knows players could not find one who has heard any of the specifics BEFORE it was in the hands of the media. To say that Eklund's assertion that he got the proposal from a player doesn't pass the sniff test is an understatement!  Clearly this was a planned NHL leak.  Yet another 'end around' attempt to sway the players BEFORE their representatives (Fehr) can first look at it and discuss it.

2) Now, we are hearing the players will have a conference call later today, but you can bet your ass that the NHL put this proposal out  there publicly to apply pressure off themselves and on to the NHLPA.  Yet another tactic being employed. We won't comment on the specifics of the 'new proposal' as no one has seen it!  All the media reports are WAY premature, and going over board. Don't we learn from history folks?  The NHL did this very thing back in September. Put out publicly their 'concession-laiden' detailed CBA proposal and dared the players to reject it.  No doubt the usual pro-NHL media sycophants will be demanding an immediate vote by the NHLPA on the proposal. 

3) We at Fauxrumors on the other hand want to hear/read the details for ourselves, and unlike others, will hold judgement until we have facts to judge!  Our sources tell us that after the conference call the NHLPA hierarchy will draft their response to the league. It is then that we will know if this is a real offer to negotiate from the NHL, or as we suspect, yet another ploy.  Stay tuned folks its gonna be a fun 48-72 hours!

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