Saturday, December 1, 2012

Latest NHL 'End Around' Attempt

1) The latest NHL attempt to "end around" the NHLPA is at least a bit more up front this time.  If you recall the last time the league attempted to get past the union brass they end-around-attept-fails  lifted its gag order among owners and GM's with players.  Allowing them "a 48 hour window" with which to discuss the labour situation/the NHL proposal in detail. Attempting to "discuss" the NHL side of things without the "distraction" of having a professional business man/negotiator to cloud their judgement.  It was an epic failure and helped re-galvanize the players against the NHL even further.

2) This time the NHL is being out in front in their latest attempt to remove the Fehr brothers. This time after the expected failure of Federal mediation, the NHL proposed that they remove the leaders from each side and just have the players alone discuss the CBA issues directly with the owners.  'Sure, why not', was the union response. BUT the NHL included another proviso: They choose which players and which owners can attend the meeting(s).  To that the NHLPA and we at Fauxrumors had the same response: LOL  LOL LOL!!!

3) So lets get this strait. The NHL wants a select number of professional businessmen to get together with their selected professional athletes to get a 'fair' business agreement done?  Ridiculous at too many levels to list. However, if we were in the players side we'd agree to meet with the owners BUT with OUR list of owners(or all 29 preferably!) as well as our players. Most notably we'd like to see Parise/Suter meet face to face with Craig Leopold and ask him strait away if he ever intended to pay them the $$ he signed them for a few months ago?  How about Alex Ovechkin ask Ted Leonsis if he knew all along he wouldn't live up to the long term contract he signed his star player for 5 years ago?  Any former Bruin to go in and give Jeremy Jacob's the finger just for the enjoyment.  LOL   

4) There are several more examples we could add, but the end result is that this will NOT change the issues surrounding the impasse. The players are well educated and this apparent paternalistic attempt by the NHL owners to try to persuade the 'simple minded' players will be an epic failure and its very possible that we could see a heated exchange or two. For as Fehr, an veteran of labour-management wars is very resistant to emotionally responding to threats and intimidation, the players are not as polished.  It could get quite ugly. Perhaps that's why the NHL wouldn't want, lets say Harvard educated enforcer George Parros, involved in the talks?  ;)  Just more wasted time we say. Meanwhile the clock continues to tick down!

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