Friday, September 28, 2012

The Song and Dance To Continue

1) The "dancing" we're alluding to are the "negotiations" set to resume this morning in Toronto/NY after a nearly 2 week hiatus.  The kicker is that they won't be discussing any 'core economic issues'.  WTF??  What else is there folks??  If all this was about non economic issues we'd have had a new CBA signed months ago!  So they are going to discuss non important issues and we're supposed to believe that's a positive development??  Sorry, we're not that thirsty that we'll be drinking that Kool-ade !

2) So why ARE they meeting Faux?  Simple, its for show.  That's right, its meeting for the sake of meeting, Both sides are worried that if this ever should reach a government arbiter/labour board they have to look as though they have 'bargained in good faith' as to avoid any possible sanctions.  For as long as they (both sides) are talking and tabling proposals, the negotiations can't be labeled 'at an impasse'.  If/when it gets to that point ( it did 2 months ago) then all bets are off and then the courts and the governments of Canada and the US could potentially get involved.

3) Both sides don't want to appear to be avoiding the other and want to appear to be open to talking to the other side. So what better way to do that than to agree to meet, then to NOT discuss the reasons we are here in the first place. However, a good source tells Fauxrumors BOTH sides are already ready to table 'new proposals' to the other. The thing is, our source told Fauxrumors, is that the new proposals are just rehashed versions of the already rejected ones, so don't expect anything new. We're in it for the long haul.   Of course none of you who are regular readers are terribly surprised to read that. So out of today we'll likely hear that they agreed to meet again and the media and casual fans will get giddy about it. We at Fauxrumors and our loyal readers are not biting on that bait.  This is far from over. I think we're about 370 or so days away from NHL hockey.  i think we'll soon start a count down clock towards that!

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