Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dumbest Post of Year Award?

1) Yes, yes, its early in the year but when we came across this premise for a hockey post we felt it would be tough to top. The blog post I'm referring to is From "The Bleacher Report" and it's titled "The Dumbest Player on Each NHL Team". OK, we got hooked into reading this tripe to see if in fact there was something to the author's premise. However he immediately takes the story from what we expected, dumb or unintelligent players to players who may be a bit odd, he writes"... Every team has at least one guy who has a few screws loose..." Well, duh! Everyone who has co-workers can say that, but being nutty or is far from "dumb", no? First here's the link if you want to read the bullshit for yourself:

2) So here are a few of his reasons for a player making his 'dumb' list.

  • Boston Bruins: Tuukka Rask- Apparently he's the dumbest Bruin because he walked off the plane after winning the Stanley Cup wearing a helmet

  • Buffalo Sabres: Ryan Miller- Dumbest Sabre because the author (and I use that term loosely here), thinks he's a whiner with regard to comments after being hit by Lucic.

  • Calgary Flames: Olli Jokienen - Dumbest Flame for- "acts stupid, says stupid things and just looks dumb" Can you believe this guy had the balls to write this nonsense?

  • Carolina Hurricanes: Tuomo Rutu-"I can't speak to his intelligence certainly plays the game like a jackass". Fine, buddy you don't like these guys but maybe they aren't dumb, perhaps some like Tuomo they are just dicks? We did our list of hated players last month.

  • Chicago Black Hawks: Dan Carcillo- Finally a player clearly worthy of the list! LOL

  • Colorado Avalanche: Shane O'Brien- A bit of a pest/pugilist, but don't recall any major incidents?

  • Columbus Blue Jackets: James Wisniewski- On the list for his elbow this preseason? Dumb!

  • Dallas Stars: Steve Ott: "I'm sure he is fairly smart, but he doesn't do himself any favors with how he behaves on the ice." Again, if the premise was assholes or hated players, yes Ott would be fine to list, but 'dumb'?? No!

  • Detroit Red Wings: Todd Bertuzzi- OK, we might be OK with this one too

  • Edmonton Oilers: Nikolai Khabibulin- Dumb for drinking and driving. Agreed, it was a dumb move, but hardly is unique to the Oiler netminder

  • Florida Panthers: Ed Jovanovski- The author doesn't like Jovo's interview style apparently?

  • Los Angeles Kings: Anze Kopitar- "can be difficult to comprehend at time in his interviews" Dipshit he's Slovenian! I guarantee his English is better than your Slovenian or maybe YOUR English!

  • Minnesota Wild: Dany Heatley- I don't know for sure, but I can't argue with this choice

  • Montreal Canadiens: Carey Price. As goalies are, he's weird, but "dumb"? Hardly!

  • Nashville Predators: Jordin Tootoo. Another player who would be properly labeled a 'dick', not dumb.

  • New Jersey Devils: Martin Brodeur- First he didn't have kids with sisters. Not defending him, but get your facts correct. They were sister's in-law. He's a shit head, yes. but dumb?

  • New York Islanders: Evgeni Nabokov- Yes, his failure to report to the Isles was dumb, but who knows if his agent is the one behind the move? I can name several Isles who ARE dumb!

  • New York Rangers: Sean Avery- Hard to argue here. A dick for sure, but does stupid things too.

  • Philadelphia Flyers: Ilya Bryzgalov. Like Price, (and most goalies) he's an odd ball, but hardly "dumb"!

  • Phoenix Coyotes: Paul Bissonnette- "Anyone who follows Paul Bissonnette on Twitter knows that he says some entertainingly foolish things". Anyone who follows a player on Twitter is DUMB!

  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Evgeni Malkin. So because Geno likes to "party" he's "dumb" Then 99% of the league is dumb! Moron!

  • Ottawa Senators: Jason Spezza- Makes this moron's list because of his "laugh"

  • San Jose Sharks: Martin Havlat. "Ill advised Tweets". Again with this dumb Twitter nonsense. Get a life!

  • St. Louis Blues: T.J. Oshie- "Dumb" for missing a practice last season. Immature maybe, dumb, hardly.

  • Tampa Bay Lightning: Steve Downie- "Maybe he is just a goon..." He has scored 20+ goals and is on one of the Bolts top 2 lines. A pugilist/pest yes. 'Dumb', hardly.

  • Toronto: Dion Phaneuf- Apparently the blogger didn't like the way Dion read a prepared statement? Dumb reason!

  • Vancouver Canucks: Roberto Luongo- Over paid/over rated, perhaps. Dumb? Hardly!

  • Washington Capitals: Alexander Ovechkin "....goofball Alexander Ovechkin can be. He parties hard.." Moron, you got the wrong Alex! Semin is the player who really IS Dumb!!

  • Winnipeg Jets: Tanner Glass- "Glass is a complete goon" Perhaps, but he makes $750,000 for playing a few minutes a night! Brilliant!

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