Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good For You Tim Thomas!!!

1) Many have lambasted Boston Bruins super star net minder Tim Thomas following his decision to not go to The Obama White House visit by his team. It is customary for a championship team to visit the White House and give the current occupant a jersey with his name etc. However as Thomas correctly pointed out, these are NOT usual times, but a precarious time period where our very existence as a free, representative democratic republic is under attack from all sides and Thomas wanted to make a statement that he is decrying what is happening to the country he represents and loves.

2) To that we both agree and applaud Thomas' principled stand and throw out all the negative press that has been thrown his way by the far left wing media (including most sports writers.) We hope his statement places more light on what is happening in our great country and opens the eyes of more citizens that freedom isn't free and won't last if its taken for granted!! "Don't Tread on Me" Indeed!!!!

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