Monday, January 2, 2012

Trade Whispers......

1) Firstly thanks to FR2 for the blogs first real post for the year. he beat me to the punch with his usual top notch Power Rankings post. We usually don't like to make multiple posts on one day, but we got some inside info earlier today from some of our usually good sources that we wanted to pass along to our loyal readers. There are a few possible trades being contemplated/worked on today.

2) We are hearing that the Washington Capitals GM George McPhee has been working the phones the past week or so in an attempt to peddle either or both enigmatic Winger Alexander Semin and defensemen Jeff Schultz. Schultz has become an after thought once new coach Dale Hunter took over. Our sources tell us Hunter has told his confidants that he "doesn't want that pussy on his team." Alluding to the perceived way the 6'5" 230 pounder plays the game. His +50 2 yrs ago fell back to Earth once he was no longer paired with Mike Green and his career has fallen as well. The stumbling block with Schultz is his 2.75 mil cap hit (with a year left after the current one) As for Semin his recent surge is giving other GM's reason to possible add him as a rental. His dwindling 6.7 mil cap hit looks better with each passing day, so a team in need of offense might take a shot at him as long as the price isn't too steep.

3) What we have been hearing all day is a possible "package deal". We've been hearing that the Caps were asked by a rival team to keep Semin out of practice today out of fear he could get injured. So what teams are in on this possible deal? The big deal that we've been alluding to for months is the Drew Doughty deal. A possible scenario is Doughty along with a throw in Colin Fraser for Semin and Schultz along with a possible draft pick(s)-a 1st rounder for sure. Its a cap-neutral deal and could be contingent upon a "sign and trade" arrangement with Semin extended for another season at about 6 mil. We're told the bad blood with Doughty's "hold out" is still fresh, and the team would be fine with this deal to possible infuse some offense into the club. Other possible Semin suitors include the Avalanche who are looking to unload Paul Stastney. A one for one is possible but a draft pick or lower level player thrown into the picture is also possible. Stay tuned this could happen soon

4) Islanders getting multiple calls about Nabokhov. NY Islanders GM Garth Snow has been coy about moving the previously disgruntled Kamenogorsk native. Now that he is healthy and playing well it would seem to be the perfect time to make a deal. So who is calling? Oddly the team that traded for a goalie from the Isles last year, the TB Lightning. Last year Roloson turned out to be a steal. Guiding the Bolts to a playoff semi finals appearance. However the 49 year old has looked his age this season and he along with Garon have been quite underwhelming. Its unlikely Snow will get more than a 2nd rounder for Nabby, and if we were he, we'd make the deal now and not wait for Evgeny to reinjure his groin again!

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