Sunday, January 29, 2012

Penguin Doctors Incompetent?

1) That's what many specialists are telling Fauxrumors as the new revelations concerning Sid Crosby's medical situation. Evidently Crosby, in addition to the concussion(s) suffered, also sustained a "neck injury". An interesting twist for sure, but before we get into the medical aspects of this we ave to ask:

  1. When did this injury take place?

  2. When was it detected?

  3. Has it been known all along?

  4. Is this why he hasn't been playing since early December?

2) This appears to be the second time (in our opinion) that the team medical staff (trainers and Doctors) have screwed up. The first time was NOT detecting Crosby's first apparent concussion that occurred in the 2011 Winter Classic when he and then-Caps forward David Steckel had a collision. It was clear to even casual fans that Crosby was not himself after that. You would have thought that he would have been thoroughly examined to be cleared to play after that. However he was allowed to play in the Penguins' subsequent game against the Lightning. Here Crosby suffered yet another concussion when he was hit by monster defenseman Victor Hedman into the boards head first. We believe from our discussions with concussion specialists this is where Crosby was let down by the team med staff. As we have mentioned here before, its the second and subsequent concussions that occurred BEFORE the earlier ones have resolved is what makes them so debilitating. If he was not allowed to play after the first hit he would have been more likely to have been able to recover and probably be playing today.

3) Now this new revelation has us asking about the competence of the Penguins medical staff. Regardless of when it occurred, how could a potentially life threatening injury to a neck be missed when the player has been examined by countless specialists? From the trainers, team DR. then a litany of neurologists, etc you would have to think someone would/could pick up such an injury? (As an aside IF they did find it and treat it, why are we only now hearing about it???) It doesn't appear to be the case though and we again have to question the competence of the Penguins medical staff and also wonder how long before this becomes public, or the Crosby family starts to ask these questions much like the Lindros camp did 20 years ago when the Flyers medical staffs' gaffes almost cost Eric his life?

4) Our sources tell us that although the Crosby family is no where near where the Lindros' were when Eric and then- Flyers GM Bob Clark had their very public feud resulting in Lindros eventual trade to their division rival NY Rangers, things are not all roses and candy in Penguin-land. It was the Crosby camp that have pushed for non-penguin specialists to examine and clear him to play this past December miffing management. Although in public they have been supportive of their captain, privately things have been a bit "tense" lately with the Pens quietly questioning Sid's commitment to trying to actually returning this season. Its also complicated the Penguins cap issues. Should they put Crosby on LTR and save his 8.7 mil cap hit? Crosby has another season with that same cap hit remaining and we do not foresee a Lindros type power play occurring, but if things such as misdiagnosed neck injuries and concussions continue there could be long term repercussions for the relationship. Hopefully Sid's health issue will be resolved soon. The NHL needs him!


Anonymous said...

the ineptitude in pittsburgh is appalling; they have mismanaged and damaged their greatest asset. What jackasses


Agreed Blaine!

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