Friday, January 20, 2012

Wanted Dead or Alive?

1) Well, its not quite life or death (even to the nutty Montreal media) but the evaporation of ANY contribution from well paid center Scott Gomez has many in the NHL asking how long can the Habs carry along this underachiever? Yes Scott has not played to much so far this season, but in the 15+ games he has participated in he has yet to 'dent the twine', and has a mere 5 assists. Not that Gomez has ever been much of a sniper which makes it all the more curious as to why the Habs ever traded for the Anchorage Alaska native in the first place. Originally the NY Rangers signed him as a UFA from New Jersey, who correctly saw that he was no more than a good 2nd line play making center not worthy of top forward money, let alone super star compensation. However Glen Sather bestowed the former Devil with a very lucrative 7 year 51 million contract that had a cap hit of 7.357. We at Fauxrumors saw it as a boondoggle from the start and were extremely surprised that Sather was able to deal away Gomez to the Canadiens. It wouldn't have mattered if the Rangers didn't get back anything for him, but in addition to unloading his bloated salary (allowing them to bid on/attain Marion Gaborik) they also got defensemen Ryan McDonagh, who at 22 has quietly become a top 4 defender for the Blue shirts this season, compounding the error by the Habs.

2) So what do they do now? "Gomer" has ANOTHER 2 YEARS AFTER THIS, sucking another 7+ million from the Canadiens cap space while providing marginal output. We believe that the Habs will either exercise their right to buy out the remaining 2 seasons at 2/3 of the remaining salary spread out over 4 seasons OR if/when there is another post new CBA grace period for buyouts he would be a prime candidate to be bought out without the Habs taking the long term cap hit. We predict right now that Gomez will NOT be with the Canadiens beyond this season AND another team will be happy to give him a 3+ million deal when he becomes a UFA again this summer! Yes, GM's are not the brightest bunch!

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