Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stevens Canned! Laviolette Hired! Good Move!

1) In what amounted to a late night lynching after everyone had gone to sleep Philadelphia Flyers coach John Stevens was fired late yesterday evening. The team didn't even hold its press conference until 8:00 pm last night!! Yes, its not a huge surprise to most people, its just the timing that we at Fauxrumors have issue with. The Flyers could/should have made this announcement either MUCH earlier in the day. Why wait? The only possible reason was the Hurricanes dragging their feet in giving permission?

2) As for the decision, we're actually in agreement with Paul Holmgren/the Flyer management. Stevens clearly was not the right coach for this team. Yes, as many have reported/said Stevens is one of the brightest young hockey minds in the game, and we would be shocked if he's not back coaching another NHL team before next season commences, but after an initial elevation of the team from the dregs 3 seasons ago, the Flyers never propelled themselves to that 'next level. Yes, and we would agree with those who say the biggest problem the Flyers have (and have had forever since Bernie parent retired) is between the pipes, but if anyone has seen the Flyers play this season there clearly was something lacking. A fire if you will. This team SHOULD be among the elite in the East, if not the NHL, not fighting for their lives for a 8th spot.

3) As for the decision to replace Stevens with Peter Laviolette, we again are in firm agreement with the choice. In fact we'd venture to say this is as important to their potential success this season as the Pronger addition in the off season. In 'Lavy' the Flyers have a coach that has won. A guy who is every bit as emotional as his team SHOULD be. We think this is a match that is a perfect fit and we'd be shocked if the Flyers don't proceed to over take the rest of the conference and be fighting the Pittsburghs and Capitals for supremacy in the East. Yes, Ray Emory/goaltending remains a problem/issue, and as we projected in our preseason predictions would be their eventual downfall in the post season, it should NOT prevent this team from winning at least 75% of their regular season games from here to April.

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