Friday, December 11, 2009


1) As we come into the week end of week 11 we figured we'd throw out a few observations/opinions of some of the news of the day, etc.

Topic 1:Shanahan Joins NHL- No Surprise!?! In case you missed it, a week or so ago the NHL announced that the former player would assume the position of the NHL’s new vice president of hockey and business development. Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog you certainly are not. We have stated on multiple occasions that Shanny was destined for the NHL front office. We stated a couple of years ago when he was a UFA from Detroit that he'd likely sign with a team close to the NY metro vicinity. VoilĂ  (like the French lingo?) Brendan signed on for the Rangers then the Devils. Keeping a close proximity to his ultimate goal.

2) Many are saying this is "Payola" for Shanny's role in circumventing Bob Goodenow and getting a CBA done in 2004/2005. From what we have heard it didn't hurt, but even before that Shanahan was on Bettman's radar. It was their 'relationship' prior to the last Bettman lockout that enabled the two to help bridge the divide between players and management, and for better or worse (you be the judge which) get the salary cap the league wanted, and the game back. Time will tell if he's qualified or not for this very new position that apparently is more on the business side, but business degree or not Brendan always came off as one of the brighter players in the game. WE could see him eventually moving up within the ranks and perhaps in a decade or so assume the commissioners role.

3) Topic 2: The Faux Jinx continues. It seems whenever we make a post/comment/take a stand the situation suddenly turns around. The most recent instances were two blog pieces we did concerning Sidney Crosby not being 'The Next One. and one about Peter Laviolette taking over in Philly In the former post Sid the Kid went on a tear following the post. While we stick with our conclusions we found it humorous he got hot right after that. In Philly the revers has been true. In his first week Laviolette has only won once in 4 tries as the Flyers fall further back in the Eastern Conference standings. There have been rumours of club house instability with captain Richards and new super star Chris Pronger butting heads somewhat. If this team is to succeed, and we maintain they have the talent to do so (despite ray Emery sucking/getting hurt), it will more require Lavy to get "the room' in order and cohesive, than ti implement a new style of play. Stay tuned.

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