Sunday, December 6, 2009

Results: Week 10

1) Week 10 is gone and done. What a night it was! it seems almost every game was decided by one goal, and we didn't fair too well in those, especially the ones that went into the extra session/SO. Of course that's all part of the game so we accept all results. Also just after we lad the decision of the Flyers to replace Stevens with Laviolette Philly lays a serious egg at home against a caps team without its best player (Ovechkin). we don't see that continuing.

2) As for the actual carnage, we went an abysmal 5-9 to bring our 10 week total to a still respectable 80-52, or a .6.6 winning %. It wasn't al bad as we extended our winning ways with our Lock of The Week. Bringing that stat to 8-2 on the season. We will be back at it for week 11 next Saturday when 12 games will be played.
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