Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not A Mis-Print?

1) As we perused the NHL standings we were struck with several items with what we saw in the Eastern Conference. One, the top 8, after almost 30% of the NHL season has been completed, consisted of 3 NE division teams. Not a huge shocker (we saw 2) really, but most didn't think that the Senators would be one of them. As bad as things have been in Beantown they have hung in there and as of this point have a playoff position. Buffalo is not a shock as we at Fauxrumors believed that a healthy Ryan Miller would put them back into contention, and thus far his heroics have been a huge factor in their early success.

2) The thing about the top 8 that struck us the most was the fact that there are 3 SE Division teams there and only two Atlantic division team currently in playoff position. We felt before the season that the Atlantic was the best division in the East. Regular readers may recall how we lambasted the SE division in late October, http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2009/10/south-least-division.html No shocker that the Washington Capitals are in the top 8, but surprisingly, the team we believed had the best chance of joining them the Carolina Hurricanes are the conferences worst team!

3) Meanwhile the Lightning and Thrashers are having very nice starts. Look out DC, the Thrashers are only 7 points behind you with 3 games in hand! So who else is not getting it done? Well, the Flyers and Rangers are two teams we felt pretty confident would be playoff teams. The Flyers a Cup contender in our pre season predictions have played very poorly the past few weeks placing them on the outside of the top 8. The Blue Shirts, after a nice start have folded their tent and looked like a bottom 5 team the past 3 weeks, going a horrendous 3-7 in their last 10 games!

4) Yes, we can already hear some of you saying, 'its early Faux'. Of course, but its not the first week of the season anymore. These trends are significant now. We feel that teams like the Lightning and Thrashers, barring serious injury woes, will hang in there and make it a fight to the end for a playoff spot. Something both of those beleaguered markets desperately need! We also can't see the Flyers staying where they are. At some point they will put together a nice streak and be right back in the top of the Atlantic race. Additionally, really only two teams can be counted out as of now. The aforementioned Hurricanes who appear lost, and the Maple Leafs. Everyone else is within a good weekend of games of getting back into the top 8. As it has been the last few seasons it will likely go down to the final day before we know who will be there and who will need to book a mid April tee time.

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