Monday, December 14, 2009

The Other Shoe?

1) When we first read that the Coyotes were close to being sold by the NHL to the 'IceEdge Group, and that they were committed to not breaking the lease (another 26 years in the desert) we wondered what the details of this agreement really were. Why? Well, for those of you who haven't been following this saga/soap opera- It has been shown in great detail by multiple reliable sources that the Coyotes have been, and will continue to hemorrhage money. Unless their lease is reworked or the city gives other financial assistance (Something that we have been told is doubtful) the team is destined to be a money loser regardless of how well/efficient the team is run by a new owner.

2) This is the very reason that many, including us at Fauxrumors have been saying for some time that the Coyotes were a dead-team-walking. A move was inevitable. We concluded that the NHL would be just fine with a relocation as long as they were the ones who decided where the franchise moved. Which is why the NHL so vehemently opposed the Basillie attempt to purchase the team despite having a bid FAR in excess of what any one else was offering. Bettman/the Board wanted to say where the team went. Also, and as curious to us is the fact that in al their press releases the IceEdge group insisted that they would hold several "home games" in a "neutral site". Saskatoon and even Halifax were floated as possibilities. The team would gain a foot hold there and eventually relocate there in a couple of seasons?

3) So as we read these latest develpments we ask when will we hear about the other shoe? What concessions did the city agree to? If not, what did the NHL promise the Ice Edge group to assuage the sure bet they'll lose millions in the short term without a lease adjustment/other financial considerations? We and we're sure our readers will be keeping close tabs on developments of these important questions.

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