Monday, December 28, 2009

Live By The Sword.......

1) We thought of the title of this blog piece in reference to an incident that occurred 2 weeks ago in a game between the Colorado Avalanche and Washington Capitals. Towards the conclusion of the game Avs forward/enforcer David Koci shoulder checked Norris runner up Mike Green into the boards forcing Green's face into the glass and thereby causing a gash to form over his eye. Koci was called for a major penalty for boarding and ejected from the game.

2) Now we first want to mention that we don't advocate players going around with the intent to injure one another. However we do advocate for the game to be played as it was intended, at full force for 60 minutes. We don't believe Koci was trying to hurt Green, but trying to make the most of his minimal ice time with sending a message to the Caps that although the game is no longer in doubt (5-1 at the time) the Avs are not lying down. Also at 6'6" 250 any time Koci nails an opposing player with a shoulder its going to hurt. Add to that the fact that the Pepsi center glass/boards have to be one of the most solidly built/least forgiving in the NHL and you have a prescription for what occurred that night. The laceration on Green was probably/ironically caused by his own visor.

3) The reason for us writing this is in response to the Capitals' response to the incident. They were aghast that another player would dare hit their star defensemen with a body check and possibly injure them. To that we ask, where were the Capitals when they possessed a player much like Koci (Donald Brashear) who in last year's playoff, with his now current team NY Rangers, actually did injure one of their players (Blair Betts)? There was no out rage. No ire at a one dimensional player being allowed to ruin the game, etc. Sorry folks, that doesn't cut it. If anything the Koci hit was much more in line with the way the game should be played (and probably why he wasn't suspended-unlike Brashear who got 5 games for his hit on Betts). If you're going to tacitly condone that from your own team, keep your pie holes closed when it comes back to bite you! Live by the sword, die by the sword!

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