Sunday, August 2, 2009

1) Time for our FAUX vacation! Its that time of year once again. The time when we at FAUXRUMORS have our annual holiday away from the blogging world. When FR2 treats the entire Faux-crew to a unique vacation. Last year we were in South America. The previous year FR2 took the Faux crew to Europe. going to northern Italy and were treated to another amazing week.

2) This time around FR2 has something unique planned for all of us. As they did last year FR2 did not give us details until the last minute so all that we can relate to you now is that we were told to NOT pack warm clothes like last year. We just got our plane tix that will bring us to Honolulu. We're told there is a connecting flight thereafter so all we know is that is NOT our final destination. We will be sure to relay to our readers details when we return. We will try to 'smuggle in' a lap top so we can occasionally check in here, but no guarantees.

3) The time of year was chosen for a reason. Traditionally its the time most devoid of meaningful NHL/hockey news so its unlikely we'll miss much. When we return we will begin in earnest our preparation for the 2009-10 season by first going through our summer report cards team by team. Later on of course we will do our pre season predictions. As always relaying/discussing pertinent NHL news and gossip. As always (even when we're not actually here) keep it here for all the latest!

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