Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week 4 Results:

1) Another week is in the books: 12 games last night. We did an incredible 10-2!! Bringing our season total to 33-20 or a .623 winning %. We also easily got our 'Lock of the Week(NJ) correct, to bring that total to 4-0 on the young season.

2) Considering where we started, that's pretty dam good. We doubt we'll ever be able to match last night the rest of the way, but stay tuned for next weeks picks! Look tomorrow for our trade rumour analysis! As always, keep it here for all the latest!


Antzmarching said...

I am right behnd you, Faux... Antz was 9-3 last evening - season total of 17-10 for a .630 winning percentage...


1)Way to go Antz. If we subtract our first dreadful week, we're 27-13, .675 the past 3 weeks. Thats gonna be hard to maintain. As we always write, we'll be hapy to stay above .500 for the long haul

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