Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free To Blog? Thank a Vet!

1) As we like to remind readers: "Besides:

  • Ending Communism

  • Ending Slavery

  • Saving the world from Totalitarianism Fascism and Terrorism

War never solved a thing?!?"


jonobolona said...

Honor the baby killers if you want but I'm a paficist. We need to come together to solve our problems without killing eachother. Hopefully the new guy you have down there will change the kill first ask questions later attitude your country has had the past 8 years

T. Lloyd said...

That's some pretty hateful rhetoric for a pacifist. Man you could have either simply not replied to the post or at the very least not included that part of your political rant. Most of us who are in the middle of the road were probably so put off by your opening sentence that we negated the rest of your point

Ron said...

I'm with Lloyd on this. Jono you are way off the reservation on that baby killer comment. That kind of hate speach should stay on the far left loon blogs, not here. None of us who served like or want war, but it sometimes necessary. As faux wrote, it was needed to end slavery and stop Hitler. Tell a black person or Jew that war is not needed.


1) Wow! This NOT what we expected when we threw together this short post. W weren't looking for political discource on war.
2) Its necessity is self evident, or so we thought. Thanks to Ron for making our point cogently. Jono, we welcome all view points, but come on'baby killer'? We tought that crap was lost back in the drugged out 60's generation. Or are you a hippie left over/waste product?

PPP said...

That kind of hate speach should stay on the far left loon blogs, not here.

HAHAHAHA yeah, it's the far left blogs that feature hate speech. Sure buddy.

All of the best to veterans of all conflicts and hopefully this incoming administration will treat them with the respect that they have been missing since 2000.


1) Agreed PPP neither side has a monopoly on hate.

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