Friday, November 7, 2008

Devils Done?

1) Certainly the Devils are not out of it so early in the season. Through 12 games they are in 6th in the East with a respectable 7-3-2 record. However, with the recent loss of their MVP, martin Brodeur the land scape for their season has suddenly changed!

2) Before the injury, we surmised that the Devils had a playoff shot. They would be one of the bubble teams, within 5 points of 8th, give or take. With the elimination of Brodeur for as long as 4 months, or about 30-40 games we no longer feel the Devils are a meaningful threat in the East.

3) Earlier this week hockey blogger extraordinaire, Spector listed/discussed what options the Devils had with regard to this situation. He states, and we agree that GM/president Lou Lamarello isn't the type to panic. However we also believe that Lou is realistic to know that without outside help this season may be lost. Discount the rhetoric that he believes Kevin Weekes and Scott Clemmensen can carry the load. Weekes might be OK in the short run,( he has won his first 2 post injury starts) but Lou is going to have to do something IF he believes this season is salvageable. According to several bloggers/writers/our own view here are the options:
  • Trade for a veteran goalie to be a stop gap for the stretch of games Marty will miss. The names Khabibulin and Dwayne Roloson have been floated on many blogs. Both have big issues. The Devils can not fit Khabibulin's salary into their cap, so that option is mute. Roloson is more intriguing. His salary would be tight, but do-able. However right now he is playing very well, and would the Oilers who have playoff aspirations of their own deal away the guy who is carrying them?
  • Trade for a younger goalie to be Brodeur's heir-apparent. This is Spector's concept. He listed several names Ondrej Pavelec -Atlanta. Tuukka Rask-Boston. Josh Harding-Minnesota. Jaroslav Halak- Montreal. Pekka Rinne-Nashville. Cory Schneider- Vancouver. Interesting idea, but one we don't see happening. Especially the Eastern Conference teams would probably be reluctant to help out NJ.
  • Stick with Weekes- This is possible if Lou doesn't find a deal that he can live with. It may not be palatable to their fans, but they may have to ride 'Shady-80' until Marty recovers.

4) One thing is for certain the Devils don't have a replacement of Brodeur waiting in the wings. As Spector rightly points out, this was a foreseeable problem and Lou never addressed it. Perhaps the going wisdom that Lou Lamarello is a genius can be dispensed with? Especially since the salary cap was instituted Lamarello has made some very bone headed moves. He has been able to extricate himself out of some via some clever maneuvering, but can he wiggle himself out of this? Stay tuned!

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