Monday, November 17, 2008

Something Nice To Say

1) The majority of the time when we at FAUXRUMORS have discussed the franchise located on Long Island NY it has been unfortunately for their fans a negative story. Usually deservedly so with the significant amount of front office/coaching turn over, the bizarre 'round table' of hockey advisers, and the VERY long term contracts to Alex Yashin and Rick DiPietro, etc.

2) However we read a story last week that we wanted to share with our readers. Written by the team's former longtime media relations VP.(now independent blogger), Chris Botta. (Linked above) In his story he rightly points out how since Charles Wang Islanders in April of 2000 (8 1/2 years already?!) he has steadfastly refused to play political hardball with regard to getting a new arena. In that time he has never spoken or leaked through a spokesperson a direct or even veiled threat to move the team if he doesn't get concessions.

3) We want to give credit where it rightly belongs, and Wang deserves credit for retaining a great deal of public patience on this matter. Few would have predicted that after 8 1/2 years the team would still not have at least a new building under construction. Since Wang purchased the team the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets and Devils have all either built or are in the process of building new facilities. Meanwhile the Isles remain in limbo, playing in the second worst arena in the NHL (The worst-Igloo in Pittsburgh, has its replacement under construction). Yet, not even subtle mention that "if a deal for the new arena does not get done soon, the Islanders are left with no alternatives but to start looking elsewhere.”

4) There is no doubt that despite a very lucrative TV deal (this is probably the thing that saved the franchise prior to Wang taking over) that Wang is losing money. Its speculative as to the amount, but with lagging attendance, few of the revenue generating boxes the team can not be in the black, yet Wang continues to publicly avoid confrontation. We may not be huge fans of Mr. Wang for other already discussed issues, but on this very important topic, he deserves praise!


Trotz19 said...

Its about time people started recegnizing the god Mr. Wang has done here. He took over at a time when it looked like the team was destined to move. He has lost money and never complained. He is getting stone walled not only by the county but also the local govenment here in Hempstead seems to be taking its sweet time approving the project.
In all this time I also don't recall Mr. Wang making his complaints public.
Today in the local paper they said that wang should do that and maybe it would speed things along. So if he's quiet he gets negative press, and if he threatened to move you can bet he'd get negative press. The guy can't win. Something has to give and soon!

Jintzie said...

I want to first say a big thank you to all you fellas with fauxrumors. Theresa and I thank you for all you did when i was in the hospital last month! I know you guys don't want the publicity, but I did want to thank all of you publicly.
Now, back to hockey. I am so happy how my Sharks have been doing. Anythoughts why we're playing so well?
And before I forget great job faux2 for being the only blogger i saw who had that moron with the crazy hair getting fired this weekend. As you always do, you guys get the scoops!
Thanks again fellas!


1) Trotz: Interesting that so many other media outlets are picking up on this story as well. Mirtle over at: also got on the bandwagon.
2) Also we find it ironic that the media wants Wang to make threats now? We agree that there is no doubt that IF Wang had even mildly made a threat to move, the same press would crucify him for it. You are dead on; He loses either way!
3) Jintzie: You are very welcome buddy! Send our best to Theresa. FR2 who we finally heard from will probably be out your way next month. They are in Fiji of all places right now,. It must be nice being filthy rich! LOL
4) However don't get too excited about your Shark just yet. Until they win some playoff series this could simply be a repeat of past seasons!

Lyle said...

First off faux, bravo on the Melrose story. No it wasn't a shock, but not too many were writing about the imminnce of an axing last Thusday. Nicely done
As for the islander situation we up north are wondering how much longer they can hold out with under 10K regularly? The tlevision deal can't be that lucritive, right? If your economy continues ton stumble we can see Wang selling off his rights before he loses his investment entirely

Antzmarching said...

Wang is the VERY BEST owner in the NHL!!! The Islanders RULE!!!

Antzmarching said...

BTW, its great to see you posting again Jintzie... I have missed you... Send my regards to your better half and tell your Sharks to go easy on my Caps tomorrow night... I am not looking forward to that one...

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