Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lame Duck!

1) In a move that was a surprise to almost no one The Ducks of Anaheim are set to announce that GM Brian Burke will be stepping down and BOB MURRAY will take over effective immediately. Many who are regulars to this blog might recall we wrote about this back in July.

2) Of course we expect the 'other shoe' to drop sometime in the spring after Fletcher has further eliminated more unwanted players from the roster so Burke can take over fresh an less encumbered by unwanted salary cap anchors. As we also wrote then this is entirely an ego trip for Burke. He had the ultimate job in California. Low expectations. He already won a Cup. Not to mention the weather! In Toronto he becomes the ring leader in the middle tent of the biggest hockey circus in the world. Good luck Brian! They'll love you until loss #1!


Zulu as Kono said...

Your right boss. This is no news to us ducks fans. When burkie said no to another contract last year we all knew his days here were done. I hope he knows what hes doing going over to toronto and all. i have no complants he did a good job here and we won a champonship.


1) Correct Zulu. This was the worst kept secret of the year. We're just surprised it took this long for the resignation.
2) Now the waiting game of the Toronto announcement. Our guess is not to expect anything before the trade deadline, and most likely not until after the regular season is completed.

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