Monday, January 28, 2008

Life's a Beech!

1) Amazingly Super-stiff/bust Kris Beech has been again lost/acquired by another team via wavers. This makes 4 teams for Beech in the past 3 weeks. Perhaps a new NHL record? LOL

2) For those not keeping score at home(and we know you are!)

  • Beech began the season as a Columbus Blue Jacket. He was signed during the off-season when the Washington Capitals(smartly) declined to re-sign him.

  • On January 9th, the Jackets placed him on waivers while attempting to demote him to the AHL(where he belongs).

  • The Vancouver Canucks claimed him on January 10th. Beech spent just under two weeks with Vancouver(before they saw how much he sucked) and was again placed on waivers.

  • On January 21st, the Capitals(in need of AHL depth) claimed him.

  • Before they could send him to Hershey (He was placed on waivers again on January 25th), where he was claimed by another former team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, on January 26th.

3) Don't unpack yet Kris! The Pens are in need of warm bodies themselves as they have had a rash of injuries recently. Its probably a good bet that Beech won't be a Penguin too long either. Why? Well, he doesn't possess enough talent for the NHL, and once the injured Pens return the team will try to send him to Wilkes-Barre and probably picked up yet again on waivers by another team in need of AHL-depth. Eventually Kris will run out of teams and will wash up where he belongs; Helping a team win the Calder Cup. Life's indeed a Beech, Kris!


DexTer said...

The guy has like 11 points in 20 games. Not great, but better than quite a lot of other guys. I don't know why we even picked him up out here in the first place. I think he's gonna stick with a NHL team and not go back to the AHL

Hawk said...

I see you haven't changed your ways here Faux!

Still stealing other people's work and making it sound like they are your ideas

I have alerted the people who you stole this idea from!



1) Dexter: Beech's numbers not withstanding; If he were any good he'd be with one team not 4 in 3 weeks!! That speaks for itself!
2) Hawk: As always, keep the responses on subject (about hockey) but please illustrate where we committed some half assed kind of plagiarism? Else, go away again!

Antzmarching said...

Beech was selected 7th overall, I believe... WOW!!! What were the Caps thinking on that one? Of course, we could say the same thing regarding Brian Sutherby, another first round BUST...

However, this shouldn't be the time for negativity... Washington is only 1 point behind division leading Carolina with 2 in-hand... If they receive ANY goaltending play over the remaining 32 games, the Caps have a pretty decent chance of being a third seed - an absurd thought considering where they were in the waning days of the Hanlon regime... Any coincidence there, by the way? A 52 point pace under the bad back-up goalie, and now, a 100+ pace with Gabby behind the bench... Its also possible that Washington can have the MVP (Ovechkin), the Calder winner (Backstrom), and Mr. Adams (Boudreau)... Amazing!!!

dlyjoe5726 said...

Hey another Caps fan here Mr Antz! Why do you contribute to this fucking shit hole blog!


1) Antz: To the Caps and Mr. McPhee's defense quite a few of those top 1999 draftees were busts.
2) Dlyjoe: Oh Geez, we take the Moderation off and whammo both of our resident psychotics (you and Hawk) respond in the same afternoon! If not for the semi-comedic aspect of your inane posts we'd delete them. Don't make a habit of returning unless you have something constructive to add!

Shmee said...

Its really shocking to see how high he was drafted and what his career has become. The sad part is, you occasionally see flashes of a good player, but he never seems dedicated enough.

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