Monday, January 14, 2008

Cujo Alberta Bound!

1) Media reports out of Calgary are saying that Curtis Joseph has signed to play with the Flames. No details have yet to be released, though our sources tell us the Joseph family was instrumental in picking Calgary as the family enjoyed its time in Edmonton and didn't want to go to the media circuses of Toronto or NY

2) Kudos to FAUXRUMORS for being one of the only outlets who listed Calgary as one of the possible destinations for Curtis Joseph. Though it was mentioned this weekend by some outlets, FR had that scoop at least 5 days earlier on this blog! Great job guys!

3) We at FR2 are working on a post about the Sedin twin all star situation. Look for it probably tomorrow!


jonobolona said...

Guys its being announced on the radio stations here a one year deal for bit more than league minimum. Nice call on that one. I'm not preparing to have a cup parade but it might help us to give Kipper some rest the second half


1) Thanks FR2 for the nice plug and that post confirming what we wrote a week ago.
2) Jono: We agree that this isn't going to alter the balence of power in the west, but is a nice addition that won't cost anything if it fails


I think Joseph is only a bit younger than I. HEEEEHEE Do you guys think he's got anything left? He coudn't make Phoenix and they were dessperate for a goalie who could stop anything before they got that Russian. I liked Cujo when he was here, but his days are over.

Lyle said...

As you know I'm no fan of your rumour site, but I have to credit you for being on top of this rumour when most of the other sites were all over the place.

Silas said...

Why in hell would CUJO want to go come here to Toronto? In case anyones hasn't been paying attention the team is a mess from top to bottom!

Hawk said...

Even I have to admit when you people actually started a rumor and got one right before everyone else.

I guess a broken watch still tells the right time twice a day, huh?


Antzmarching said...

Good call, Faux, regardless of what time it is... This is a great move for Calgary, as Jono noted... Kipper does need a break once in a while... Moreover, if Jarome and Dion continue to play at this present level, the Flames can definitely challenge in April,May...


1) Police: Your analysis is possible, but only time will telll if CUJO is too old to still play
2) Lyle: Thanks!
3) Silas: Agreed that CUJO would have to be insane to want to go back to that circus. That franchise(Toronto) is disintegrating before everyone's eyes
4) Hawk: We missed ya buddy. well not really, but you are always welcome to comment on this blog. As long as you discuss the topic(hockey). Disagree with us, thats fine, but keep it on hockey!
5) Antz: Thanks

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