Friday, January 4, 2008

Is it In The Cards?

1) We again place our chips up for grabs by picking today's contests

Washington vs-Montreal : Canadians

Florida vs-Pittsburgh : Penguins

Tampa Bay vs-Ottawa : Senators (Tonights Lock)

NY Islanders vs-Colorado : Avalanche

NY Rangers vs-Edmonton : Rangers

Columbus vs-San Jose : Sharks

Detroit vs-Dallas : Stars

New Jersey vs-Boston : Bruins

Anaheim vs-Phoenix: Coyotes

Calgary vs-Los Angeles : Flames


murph said...

There you go betting against Teddy Nolan and the Isles again. No Sakic, No Smyth and you still go with COL??


1) It'll be a good game out there, but even without the losses of Joe and Ryan, the Avs still have a decent lineup, and tend to play very well at home.

Shmee said...

Faux...please, just once, pick the Caps to win:)


1) Shmee: Seems we're a good luck charm in reverse for the Caps. Wouldn't you prefer we continue to pick against them? ; ) LOL

Shmee said...

Good point. Please continue to bet against us;)

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