Friday, December 14, 2007

Stand Up and......Boo!!

1) Since almost everyone has already weighed in on this issue we decided we'd make the definitive post about this. We have been on record early on saying that Scott Niedermayer should not be lauded, but be derided for his selfishness.

2) Most are following the lead of the team and welcoming back Scott like a hero. Sorry folks, we can NOT look at his return in that way. If he took time off for injury/family emergency reasons we would be fine with this. However, we do NOT buy the argument that he was 'exhausted' with all the hockey he's played, etc. Thats total Bullshit!

3) We understand that professional athletes do have to work and are under a lot of pressure to perform, BUT so do every other working person! While a pro athlete works for about 3-4 hours a day for 7-8 months and is treated like a God/celebrity wherever they go the other 99.99% of us work 8-10-12 hour days, 5-6 days a week, for 50+ weeks a year. Regardless of our 'mental fatigue' we are bound to continue to do our work, be responsible to those around us, etc.

4) We also would NOT be as adamant about this position if:

  • Scott didn't have a valid contract. By signing that deal he pledged to play for the Ducks for another 2 years at a very nice salary. The Ducks in turn made a commitment to Niedermayer. In a salary capped NHL the Ducks had to look at this long term commitment in the realm of all other players. As we wrote this past summer when the Oilers made that silly penner-offer-sheet, it was THEN that we felt Scott should have told Burke of his intentions to take a few months off, and not wait until training camp started to do so. Utter selfishness!!

  • Had he retired and walked away(Permanently) from the game. We would have been OK if on June 30th (2 weeks after his last game and plenty of time to 'think it over') Scott informed the Ducks of his intention to retire. This would have given his team time to reassess their short and long term options, and not forced them to assume, and try to fill a hole that may or may not be there in October

  • Then even in September Scott still was allowing his team mates to twist in the wind with his indecision. Nothing creates in house team problems like the uncertainty of who the team leader is, etc. As captain he owed his team more than what he gave them this past summer. As we wrote this past September before training camp.

5) To add insult to injury Scott's return after December 1st placed the Ducks into a precarious position as it relates to the salary cap. We won't try to outline the details as folks with PHD's in accounting are themselves unsure how this works, but you can read about how it affects the ducks. In a nut shell it forces them to shed payroll to accommodate Neidermayer's return. If Scott had returned a month earlier the Ducks apparently would not have had this issue. Thanks Captain! So while others may be giving this overpaid self centered nut case a standing ovation we at FAUXRUMORS will be giving Niedermayer a hearty, well deserved Boo!

6) Note: We at FR2 will have our December Power Rankings-Holiday edition out either later this weekend or at the latest this Monday. Look for it! Also as the trade freeze gets closer (THE NHL'S CHRISTMAS TRADE FREEZE PERIOD IS DECEMBER 19-27, 2007) e will soon be putting out the latest rumors that our sources have been reporting. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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The Dark Ranger said...

Teemu looks like an angel next to Scott...i agree 100%, but mostly due to his having a contract and waiting out the tough start. What a jerk. I don't even want him on my fantasy team...


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