Saturday, December 8, 2007

We Take Our Best Shots

1) We try to extend our modest one day streak and stay ahead of the Mendoza line with tonight's 9 contests.

Carolina vs-Montreal: Canadians

Atlanta vs-Washington : Thrasher(Tonight's Lock)

NY Islanders vs-Tampa Bay Lightning

Pittsburgh vs-Vancouver Canuck

Buffalo vs-San Jose Shark

Boston vs-Toronto MapleLeaf

Minnesota vs-Columbus Blue Jacket

Anaheim vs-Nashville Predator

Phoenix vs-Los Angeles Kings


Shmee said...

I am hoping for an upset on tonight's lock (futile hope, perhaps).


1) Shmee: After seeing the 2 teams play last night the lock seemed apprpriate. Of course as we always say here, there is no true lock, and only a fool would put $ on games!

DMG said...

Nice call on that lock of the night there, Faux.

(sorry, couldn't resist!)


1) All we can say after last night is OUCH! Our single worst evening so far this season. Everything that could go against us, did. No excuses, but last night should confirm why it is insane to bet $$ on NHL hockey
2) Case in point: Buffalo-SJ. Buffalo coming off 2 very bad outings goes into the Shark tank against one of the hottest teams. The result? The Sabres blow the Sharks out of their own rink! Go figure.
3) The Thrashers go into DC on a high. having just beaten the rangers. the caps are without key personnel and reeling after another bad performance in Jersey. The result? The Thrashers take the night off and the caps look impressive beating down their fellow SE division opponents
4) TB is almost unbeatable at home. The isles have trouble beating TB anywhere, let alone on the road. The result? The Isles eek out a nice OT road victory
5) The overall (carnage) result of the evening were 1-8. Our season long figures are now 88-88. Right on the Mendoza .500 line! As alluded to earlier our Lock faired no better tonight. Now at 12-6 for the season, or a devilish .666 winning percentage.
6) We will be undaunted and get back at this coming Thursday night for the 10 games scheduled that evening!

Shmee said...

Lol, I have never been so happy to be wrong!

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