Thursday, December 27, 2007

Most Hyped Meaningless Game Ever!

1) We asked and received permission from FAUXRUMORS to stray from hockey discussion for this one post on American football, The NFL. More specifically the game tomorrow night pitting the 10-5 NY Giants against the 15-0 NE Patriots. The reason for the hype for those who aren't football fans is the Patriots would be the first team to go through the entire regular season without a loss since the 1972 Miami Dolphins who won their 14 games to go undefeated. The 'Fish' went on to win all their playoff games and the Superbowl as well for a perfect 17-0 year. The 'Pats' would need to win tomorrow then sweep the 3 playoff games to become the first ever 19-0 team in NFL history. An epic achievement in this day and age of salary cap, injuries, travel, etc.

2) The rub is that both teams tomorrow have little else to play for. The Giants have clinched a playoff berth and would not improve their playoff position with a win. So other than the 'prestige ' of being the only team to beat the Patriots, the Giants have no other real incentive to play hard, or even play their starters for any length of time and risk injury for the post season next Saturday or Sunday. They could use this as a second bye week if they chose. The Patriots for all the desire to make history also do not benefit from a win. They are assured of home field for their 2 potential playoff games already. Do they risk injury to their bread and butter Brady or Moss, etc for that?

3) So here we will have a game that will probably attain ratings just under Super Bowl range for a game that means squat in the standings. It will have ZERO effect of what transpires in the playoffs. So we ask, why would either team risk it? The Patriots as the Super Bowl favourites have MUCH more to lose, even if they should win this meaningless game. The Giants are unlikely to win the NFC, so expectations are not high either way. Should make for the most interesting meaningless game in NFL history! As non biased sadistic observers we're hoping for injuries a plenty!


Sauce said...

"As non biased sadistic observers we're hoping for injuries a plenty!"

Not even funny. Way over the top.


1)WE're sure FR2 wasn't hoping for life/career threatenng injuries, but an ankle sprain/groin pull, etc to Brady/Moss/Manning in a game that means NOTHING would be more than ironic!

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