Wednesday, December 12, 2007

And the Award Goes To......?

1) We were looking at some of our past posts and realized that we had yet to hear about any of this year's monthly winners of the once heralded "Messier Leadership Award". After all, the Moose was just installed into the hockey HOF, and all, so we should have known who the October and November winners were. Right?

2) To review for some, last season a new 'award' was instituted to be given out monthly, and then also at the end of the year a special year-long Leadership Award would be presented by the Bald One himself. We commented on the messier award last year. Questioning not only the merits of such a nebulous, difficult qualitative measure such as 'leadership', but also naming it after a living individual. Unlike all other trophies/awards which are named after departed former NHL players/builders.

3) Of course the award was more a commercial enterprise(Some say Messier never turned down a chance to make money regardless of how) for a sports drink and NOT an NHL endorsed award. Still, it is surprising how fast this 'award' has faded. Not lasting beyond its inaugural season last year when the season winner (Chris Chelios) wasn't even among the 5 regular season awardees.
NovemberBrendan Shanahan
December Scott Niedermayer
January Sidney Crosby
February Vincent Lecavalier
March Roberto Luongo

4) Anyone want to wager if the dubious award will be prominent in Mr. Chelios' trophy case now that it has been shown clearly to be nothing more than a way for an aged, money hungry former player and soft drink maker to make a few bucks?


Shmee said...

Todd Bertuzzi isnt quite a former hockey player yet, but he is rapidly aging, money hungry, and short on talent. I vote Bertuzzi!



Antzmarching said...

Silly little award, presented by a silly little man... But, the picture is priceless... He's goosing Arnold... What a perv...

The Dark Ranger said...

That picture of Mess is still so 'wrong' in a good way.


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