Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Truth and Rumors?

1) OK, first the easy stuff. A few of stories we have read the past few days that we looked into for our readers.

  • The Forsberg to the Senators rumor. Pure fiction folks! There has been NO discussion with Peter and Ottawa. Its a total work of fiction by the local news paper. Even if the Sens had the cap space(they don't) Forsberg would NOT go there. He and Alfredsson have a history of animosity. If and when Peter lands in the NHL, the most likely destinations are Colorado or Philadelphia, with Detroit the dark horse long shot.

  • The Islanders-Bruins swap talk: Total 100% Barbara Streisand(BS) people! Apparently this was started on an Islander blog a few days ago. One astute blogger looked at both rosters and concluded that Bergeron could be a good pick up by the Isles and proposed a possible deal to make it happen. Somehow Eklund picked this piece of trash up and ran with it as if it had validity. (He smartly didn't name names) Perhaps some of his 'sources' are playing him, or more likely he needs as many rumors as he can right now to feed his hungry(paying) customers. The rumor failed to realize that Bergeron is signed to a long term deal and is NOT going anywhere!

2) So what IS being discussed?

  • Jason Allison HAS been contacted by several teams. Yes, the Islanders as reported by Eklund last week IS one of them, BUT they along with the other involved teams are not happy with Allison's insistence on a 2+ year deal. After missing so much time its a gamble for a team to sign him for 1 year. I would be idiotic for anything more!

  • More retirements? With the retirement of Mike Ricci today a few other players may be getting closer to making it official and submitting their retirement papers. Among these are goaltenders Sean Burke and forwards Rob Dimaio and Travis Green. Among those who are still trying to land jobs are goalie Ed Belfour who is trying to stay in shape in hopes that a team will need his services with an injury, though one has to wonder if he has played his last game.

  • Extension fever?: With the extension of 'Sid the Kid' last month, coupled with the offer sheets by Edmonton, we are hearing that two of next summers most attractive potential Group II's, Alex Ovechkin and Dion Phaneuf are negotiating their own extensions with their respective clubs. Our source in DC tells us in fact that "an agreement in principal" is already done to keep Alex the Gr-8 in the nation's Capital till at least 2015! We're told the announcement may come as early as Alex's 22nd BD which is about when camp opens in September. The Phaneuf talks are not as close to completion but going along well so far.

3) We are hearing some other interesting things, but they are still too nebulous to relay. As always keep it here for the latest!


Asquaredx2 said...

How much Cap space would you need to land Forsberg? The Sens have almost 4.5 million in cap space. What's he looking for, 6 million per? I doubt that.


1) Peter would probably want at least 4.5, more likely 5+ mil to sign That would either put the Sens over the cap, or right up against it. Most teams would like t have at least a little wiggle room.
2) Its all moot as he won't go there with Alfie around anyway.

Asquaredx2 said...

Thanks. Hopefully the Sens can get some more room by trading away Gerber and signing either Beflour or Auld, although I don't know what team would take him at this point.

Any idea where the hostility between Alfredsson and Foppa would have started?

Asquaredx2 said...

sorry, by Auld I meant CuJo. Don't know what I was thinking.


1) The word is that the two had a problem going back to their days playing on the Swedish Olympic teams. Forsberg had very high demands about how he would be treated, and didn't care if his teammates didn't get the same respect. It rubbed Alfie and some of the other guys the wrong way.
2) Good luck trying to find a taker for Gerber. He has 2 more years at 3.7 mil to go!

Asquaredx2 said...

Also, if Ottawa doesn't have the Cap space, how can the Flyers sign him if they have under 1.5 million?

Asquaredx2 said...

him = Forsberg.


1) Excellant point Asq. The Flyers would have to do some significant roster manipulation to get Forsberg, and if we were Holmgren we'd concentrate on improvng our defense and not add another forward!

The Co-Pilot said...

Yesterday you wrote that there hasn't been any discussions with the Senators. Today I read that Bryan Murray said he has contacted his agent? Care to explain?

The Co-Pilot said...

Thanks Hawk. All your possible explanations do make some sense.
I just wonder why the Senators would try to pay Forsberg so much money when I think their biggest problem is in net. I would have let Emery walk an tried to get a real #1 goaltender.

Antzmarching said...



1) Co-Pilot: We don't believe a word of that whole story. Canadian papers are well known to throw out that kind of drivel to sell papers.
2) Antz: We agree. Both the Caps and Flames need to get those respective deals done sooner rather than later. You can bet that it WILL be a distraction (no matter what the player says) if a deal isn't struck in a timely manner

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