Thursday, August 2, 2007

Penner Decision

1) Our sources have been telling us all morning that Brian Burke has been trying 'desperately' to try find a taker for Dustin Penner. Apparently, the Ducks would match the Edmonton offer then turn around and deal him to an Eastern Conference team. Avoiding any possible embarrassment.

2) We're told there weren't any serious offers for the soon-to-be rich 25 year old forward, but Burke tried to the bitter end to try to 'stick it' back to Lowe and make him wait it out and get nothing in return. The official announcement that Penner is an Oiler should come down later this afternoon. We'l pass along more as it comes in


Lloyd said...

Looks like you guys had a small scoop there. I'm none too surprised by the Ducks choice to let Penner go. I would have done the same thing. The Oilers are still gonna suck so I bet the Ducks will get a nice juicy top 10 draft pick.
4.3 million is too much for a guy who had 1 decent year. Will he handle the pressure of being on the top line in Edmonton?

Kathy said...

Well, not quite a scoop seeing how many other sites reported first thing this morning that Burke wasn't going to match, but still had it about 30 minutes before the deadline.

Looks like your sources are telling stories to others! Time for a raise for your sources I guess!


1) Thank Lloyd. However as Kathy correctly points out we weren't alone in hearing what the final decison was going to be.
2) Burk'es conference call was very sarcastic and funny. Here's one thing he said about the picks he's getting: "We're going to take the three picks, and given Lowe's recent performance, we expect them to be excellent picks."
3) At not so subtle swipe at Lowe. Those Edmonton-Ducks games will be interesting to watch next season!

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