Friday, August 31, 2007

Marleau Signs Extension

1) As we exclusively reported 2 days ago the San Jose Sharks have resigned their captain Patrick Marleau to a 2 year extension. While most rumor sites were discussing possible deals involving the Montreal Canadians, etc, we at FAUXRUMORS were telling our readers such as our buddy from Santa Clara Jintzie, that their captain would soon be resigned.

2) Thanks to our source(s) in the Bay area for getting us this info before any other sites. We're told the Sharks are NOT done, and they are looking to add depth on the back line. They'd prefer to not sign an expensive UFA like Markov to along term deal, but discussions have take place. Sorry Jintzie, Sopal's agent and Wilson have talked a few times over the last few weeks. Throwing around varying terms.

3) We're still working on the "Favourite Player" post which baring further breaking news, should be out tomorrow.
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Hawk said...

Can't wait to see what you create or how you twist this to make it look like I am someone else, lied, or such rather then deal with the real issues!


1) All responses to this will stay on the previous thread. Feel free and respond there, but any repeated posts will be deleted

Jintzie said...

Congrats boys! Theresa and I were very happy to not only hear that our team captain will be here for the next 3 years, but that you guys did another great job in getting that information out before anyone else! Good for you!


1) We appreciate that Jints. Its not the biggest story we've broken, but given the current relative hockey doldrums and the silliness that's occurring on the blog, it came at a good time.
2) Thanks again to you as well as the almost 125 individual e-mails we've received in the last 12 hours. We thank all of you for your support!!
3) Our next post should be out tomorrow morning. Its a light whimsical list to get through one of the last weekends without hockey!


1) You constantly mention the same 'IP address', etc, Well, post what that address is! Would seem to be a simple procedure/task to do. All these supposed faux folks who have the 'same IP address', should be easy to list. We're waiting..............

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