Friday, August 24, 2007

Who Has What left?

1) With the inevitable continuation of trade rumors, we thought we'd look at each team and what cap space they had left to add additional salary/players prior to the start of the 2007-08 season. Unlike in the pre-cap days, any trade partner has to take into consideration what the salary ramifications will be for their team once a deal is consummated. It seems that the usual rumor sites repeatedly fail to look at the feasibility of some of their 'rumored' trades. Such as the Jovanovski to the Rangers trade rumor from last month. We even fell into that trap when we discussed possible destinations for Peter Forsberg.

2) Anyway, here are approximate cap space for all 30 teams as of today. We say approximate because there can be differences depending upon what the final make up is of a teams' roster. Some teams are set, while others have a RFA or two to sign. Most won't be huge impact signings. We used various sources to get these numbers and they DO included cap space lost by contract buy-outs,etc. That said, here is the list first the East then West. Numbers in millions:

  • Atlanta: 8.75

  • Boston: 2.75

  • Buffalo: 5.25

  • Carolina: 4.50

  • Florida: 7.75

  • Montreal: 5.00

  • New Jersey:5.00

  • NYI: 9.25

  • NYR: -1.75

  • Ottawa: 4.5

  • Philadelphia:1.25

  • Pittsburgh: 9.00

  • Tampa Bay: 7.50

  • Toronto: 1.25

  • Washington:17.25

3) Now the West:

  • Anaheim: 1.25 (Ofcourse thats WITH Niedermayer)

  • Calgary: 5.00

  • Chicago: 10.25

  • Colorado: 6.75

  • Columbus: 11.00

  • Dallas: 5.75

  • Detroit: 5.00

  • Edmonton: 5.25

  • LA: 6.25

  • Minnesota: 3.75

  • Nashville: 17.00

  • Phoenix: 20.50

  • St. Louis: 5.50

  • San Jose: 14.25

  • Vancouver: 4.50


Stacy Schnall said...

so is snow gonna get forsbert? we culd use another guy who can score. we got the money to spair. is wang cheep?
what about the rangers? are they allowed to spend more than evryone else?


1) We're sure Antz will have more to say to ya Stacy. To your question(s):
2) If you're asking about Peter Forsberg, we don't believe that will happen. For one, and we're sure this won't enamor us with our Islander fan readers, but we believe Forsberg will only return to a Cup contender. Your team is NOT going to be a contender. If they are a playoff contender and not a bottom feeder it will be a testament to Mr. Nolan
3) Wang isn't cheap. Ask Mr's DiPietro or Yashin. He seemed willing to shell out big bucks to keep Smyth. So money is not a factor on the Island(Unlike in years past)
4) As for the Rangers; They will get under the cap when the expunge Mr. Kasparaitis(Maybe your team can get him they're inviting Berard, so who knows!?!?)Of course that will leave their defense a bit undermanned/thin.


I didn't realize how much cap space the Sharks still had. I can't understand why they would consider trading marleau then?
All the teams forsberg is rumored to want to go to don't have a loty of space unless he takes a big pay cut.

Bitchany said...

I think Foppa is too indecisive.

Antzmarching said...

Hi Stacy, its been a while... You asked four poorly thought out questions... But, let me ask you a few of my own to clarify...

1. What is ForsberT's first name?

2. Are you insinuating that Charles Wang is a bird?

3. What do you want to know about the Rangers? They ARE a hockey club - they play in the NHL in Madison Square Garden...

4. And lastly, have you ever seen the word configuration, "Salary Cap?"

I hope this helps, Darlin'

Stacy Schnall said...

Hey ant brain. why do ya allways gotta start suff wit me? i dint say nuthin to you. i told ya befoor you aint gonna get wit me no matter what you do
for your infermashun wang aint a bird. he own the ilanders.
hehehhee i now who forsburgs name is. its peeter. now who looks bad huh. hehehehehe

Antzmarching said...

Stacy pens: "hehehhee i now who forsburgs name is. its peeter. now who looks bad huh. hehehehehe"

Yes Stacy, you are correct... THIS definitely makes ME look bad... I have to go now and get the egg off my face...

Stacy Schnall said...

you probly get of tring to make fun of me. ant, it aint working. i aint no dumy! i can tell when you try to be meen to me. i now its all to try to get with me. i dont care i aint going out wit you!

Andy Facini said...

Surprise! The Rangers still finding ways to buy their team... and damn the cap limit!

I know, everyone's getting sick of hearing me bitch about this... but I'm getting sick of still seeing it.

What are they going to do to fix their cap situation?

I have a sinking feeling that nothing will be done about this, and the Rags will get a pass. Don't say I'm crazy... this is the NHL, after all.


1) Andy, firstly like your blog. As for your hated rangers, not to worry the NHL (as far as we know) isn't going to allow them to have a 52 mil payroll come October 4th.
2) They are allowed to be up to 10% over the cap until rosters are set for opening night. As many have written/surmised, despite his apparent desire to return the NHL it appears that Kasperitis and his 3.1 mil salary will be erased from their cap when he is either demoted to Hartford, or less likely, traded.
3) Don't forget it was another NY area team, the Devils who did the real Houdini act last year by 'trading' a retired player (Malakhov) to get under the cap.

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