Monday, August 13, 2007

Good to be Home!

1) Nice to be back from the 'Old country' with the rest of the Faux-crew. Some times staying out of the loop is relaxing. We each vowed to our spouses to NOT turn on our lap tops to access the Internet while we were away, and we were good to our word.

2) It appears, as we expected, we didn't miss too much in the 10 or so days we were 'out of it'. Thanks for all the E-mails that were sent in by our readers and sources. Sorry we didn't/couldn't respond to them expeditiously as usual. We believe FAUXRUMORS is preparing a Post-response to our many e-mailed questions. Look for it in the upcoming days. We won't bore you to tears with the details of our trip. A hockey blog isn't a place for that. Write us if you'd like some inside info of what we did/saw.

3) It appears our old 'friend' Hockeynutz is suffering from the non hockey news malaise/boredom. From out of the blue he appeared. First creating a 'straw man' (Hawk) to try to get a response from us, then probably forgetting to change over from his own screen name, he responded to himself. LOL His silly attempt to have his creation Hawk post on his blog was priceless. Thanks to Lloyd and then Jintzie (Say hello to Theresa!) for carrying our water while we were incommunicado.

4) We have gone over that bridge too many times before to get into another silly pissing contest with the likes of him. We will of course allow all posters their time to write what they wish here(other than Spam). We will limit our responses, and try to keep the subject matter on hockey. On that note, we are preparing our off season analysis for the 30 teams, and as we hear them will post the latest rumors from throughout the league. As always, keep it here for the latest and again, its great to be back!!!



Post Script: Happy Birth Day to us! Yes, while we were on holiday our one year anniversary passed. We won't devote a post to this important mile stone, but wanted to mention it and thank all the folks who have made this blog the huge success it is!

Silas said...

Welcome home faux and happy birthday! So to get right to the point what are your sources telling you these days? A lot of us come here for the latest gossip and rumors. After all these days away, you have to have a few to share.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dark Ranger said...

Faux...welcome home. I missed reading your accurate and awesome blog. It's part of my daily -- so that accounts for The Dark Ranger and my Ranger posse'.


The Dark Ranger


Hey ditto to what Dark Ranger said. Welcome back!
Don't you guys worry about the recent spat of spam I usually just skip over that crap.
Hawk, I can't remember Faux ever mentioning the hit counter in any of their posts. I've been a pretty steady visitor here since before the playoffs. Its a non issue to me and probably almost every one else who visits here. I couldn't care less if they added on a billion hits per day. Its the posts that I read not the counter.


1) Thanks Vlad/Lloyd/Ranger for the support, not that any of us are dismayed by the silliness that has gone on here recently. We find is supremely amusing LOL
2) Looks like all of you are next going to be accused of being 'faux creations.' Look out Lloyd. LOL You were accused of not posting on any other blog but here. Guess Hawk(Seth) has access to your computer! LOL
3) Seriously, we are going to all but move on and get back on track and talk about hockey and not this silly soap opera nonsense!

Rogo said...

Jiminy Crickets boys lets get back to talkin about hockey. What the hell is a blasted hitcounter anyways?
Hope you put out another good note like that team ratings one. It was good reading.

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