Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday The 13th!

1) Brent Sutter to become new Devils coach:

  • Word out of Red Deer Alberta this early yesterday afternoon is that Rebels head coach/ GM and owner Brent Sutter has stepped down from all of his positions within the Rebels organization other than ownership in order to pursue an NHL head coaching position. The not so secret destination appears to be the long vacant Devils job.
  • The word from sources tells us that Lou Lamarello has been enamoured with Sutter for some time. He wanted to hire him last year, but Brent, who's son was a member of the Rebels at the time, wasn't ready for the next step. There were many reports last spring that he was in line for the Islander position, vacated when Steve Stirling was fired. However, Sutter not only was not ready for the move, but was warned by some former teammates who were familiar with the Islander situation not to come back.
  • We find that ironic. Though the Devils have been one of the most successful NHL organizations for the past 12-13 years, they have hardly been a place for coaching stability in the last few years! Also, Sutter could NOT have picked a place where he will have LESS say so in player personnel decisions. He very well may be the right man for the job. Time will tell. Good luck 'pup'!

2) Sheldon Souray signs with Oilers!:

  • Not a huge surprise to FAUXRUMORS readers. Though we admittedly never specified the Oliers, we DID say that Souray has changed his asking price AND was expanding his list of potential teams that he's sign with. You can bet the ranch that the Oilers were NOT on his initial 'wish list'
  • As the days passed and the teams that Souray wanted to go to signed players and lost cap space, the offensive defenseman was forced to reevaluate his stance. It was a 'perfect storm' of sorts. A player who was in need of a team with cap space, and a team in desperate need of making a splash in the FA period after getting spurned repeatedly early on. Kevin Lowe and Sheldon Souray deserve each other! LOL
  • It also appears our source was correct in pointing out that Souray would have to seriously come down with his asking price. In the end he got just a tad less than 5.5 mil averaged over the 5 years. Not bad ofcourse, but far from the lofty 7 he believed he would get.

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Sauce said...

Sutter is the owner, GM and coach of a very successful Red Deer team. He's had NHL offers (Islanders) to run an entire team operation. Looking at what has transpired since the March Trade deadline, I don't think anyone can argue that Garth Snow hasn't been given ample room within which to put his and Ted Nolan's philosophies to work. Wang, like any owner, looks like he's simply the last signature needed for approval.

If Sutter wants to do nothing but diagram the Lamoriello trap on a white board for a team most likely to finish below their last year standing, he can have that job. More power to him. I just hope he doesn't get himself all tangled up in Lou's puppet strings.

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