Monday, July 23, 2007

The Latest....

1) Its been a little while since we last updated our readers on what we've been hearing across the league with regard to trade/FA rumors. Frankly there hasn't been a lot of new 'chatter' that we felt was worth writing about (The Dog days are here!) So here is a list of the remaining UFA's and what the latest is with regard to each:

2) We'll start with forwards:
  • Peter Forsberg- Evidently the Swedish phenom is NOT ready physically to play by fall. ( When did he last play a full season?) Try 2002-03 when he was an Av and scored 106 pts. He does NOT need the money!/ The rumors circulating have him returning at the mid point of the season for either Philly, Detroit or Colorado. All 3 have an allure. Philly is where he played last and he developed a good relationship with Ed Snyder the team owner. Colorado for nostalgic reason, and Detroit has so many fellow countrymen. He will likely go to the team that is most accommodative to Peter and is in the playoff race. Forsberg would prefer that to be Philly.

  • Eric Lindros- 'Bobble-head', as we affectionately call him due to his many concussions, is now 6 years removed from his last productive season, and 5 since he played a full year. In our opinion he should retire, but he will probably hang on when offered a contract. We can see a team like Edmonton, Phoenix or Florida looking for a name and a cheap 2nd line center option giving Eric an offer.

  • Michael Peca- Like Lindros, his best days are long gone. If healthy can score, maybe 30-40 points. Not worth big bucks/commitment. A return to TO is most likely, one to Buffalo is not. Although the Oilers may have a spot open for Mike if he wants to return.

  • Teemu Selanne- We thought for sure the Finnish Flash would return to the Ducks. He still may or opt to retire. It would NOT shock us to see him reunited, again, with his buddy Kariya in St. Louis. He still has hockey left and would be worth a 4-5 mil 2 year offer.

  • Anson Carter- We're told by folks close to Anson that he understands why he wouldn't get any big free agent offers, but is fed up that his agent has heard from only 2 teams and both only offered him a one year deal for the league minimum. He's ready to go public and use the dreaded 'R' word. If he does that he can kiss his NHL career goodbye. After the season he had last year he should be happy to hook up with anyone. have a good year Anson THEN see how many offers you'll get next summer!

  • Tony Amante- As we mentioned last month, its time for Tony to hang em up.

3) Now defense.

  • Danil Markov- Looking for his 7th team in his 10 year NHL career. Not flashy, but steady with some minor offensive upside. A good addition for a team looking for a good second pairing-calibre defender. We wouldn't pay him more than the 2.5 he got last year. The Islanders are rumored to be close to signing the Russian.

  • Andy Sutton- He's Markov with an edge. He's 6'6" and uses his body, BUT not the most mobile of defensemen. Another good 3rd or 4th defensemen for a team in need. Right now he's considering several offers from a couple of teams in the East and his original team, the Sharks.

  • Brent Sopal- An enigma of sorts. Puts up decent offensive numbers, yet can't stick with one team.(4 teams the past 5 years) Before this season his output was comparable to Sheldon Souray. We don't expect the new Olier to score 68 points again, and we don't think that Brent deserves 27 mil deal,(neither does Souray!) but he would be a good addition to a team in need of an offensive defensemen. Atlanta has shown interest as have the Stars.

  • Daniel Tjarnqvist- Had some injuries last year, but when he played he was productive. He may be a slightly cheaper option from Sutton/Markov, and provide similar benefits for a team in need of a veteran defenseman

  • Bryan Berard, Janne Niinimaa, Sandis Ozolinsh, Bryan Muir, Luke Richardson, Jamie Heward. Retire already, you're all done. No one wants you! Go away!

4) Goalies:

  • Ed Belfour- 'Mace' as we have called him since his Dallas arrest a few years ago then again in Florida last season. After his year last year, if he were 10 years younger and less of an arrest risk we're sure the offers would be pouring in. However, at 41-42 and a history of a bad back Ed is having trouble attracting offers. He does NOT make for a good back up as he has less than good relations with his fellow tenders. The future Hall of Famer may have to retire.

  • Robert Esche- His career has taken a nose dive. Once a well regarded starter in Philly, he has not looked the same since the lockout. Still only 29, he will attract interest by a team in need of a back up. Nashville has contacted the former Flyer as have the Lightning.

  • Alex Auld- Went from the heir apparent in Vancouver, then starter in Florida, to UFA obscurity. Still only 26, is getting some interest from Calgary.

  • Curtis Jospeph- Didn't have an awful year last season on an awful team, but at 40 isn't getting any interest. Only shot is if a team loses a goalie to injury. He would make a better back up option than Belfour. It may be time for CUJO to retire.


Silas said...

Hey faux used one of the links in the article. I was amazed to read what you wrote in the post you guys wrote after the Belfour article. You wrote: Crosby will be a free agent. Ofcourse the Pens will keep him, but he will definitely have to be paid the max allowable salary. Probably 9 mil/year
Wow, you called that one dead on! 9 million isn't actually the max anymore, but you got his extension number a full 8 months before it was signed! Nice job.

Jibblescribbits said...

Even the possibility of seeing Forsberg in a Red Wings sweater makes me nauseous, use your contacts to make sure that doesn't happen.


1) Silas: Thanks. We forgot all about that. Even up till February most writers/bloggers were saying he'd get around 6 mil for his next deal. Here's the link for the rest of you to read what we wrote then:
2) We knew the offer sheet phenomenon would resurface and force teams to lock up their younger players for big bucks! Up next: Ovechkin and Phaneuf!
3) Jibble: Sorry we don't have much/any sway on GM's personnel decisions LOL We can understand your possible angst of seeing Peter in Red next spring when you guys may be fighting in the Cup playoffs!

JP said...

Probably a dumb question faux, but what is the dreaded R word you wrote about when you discussed Anson Carter?


1) There are no 'dumb questions' just dumb people. LOL Sorry. just kidding of course.
2) Anyway, the "dreaded R word" in reference to Carter is racism. We're told by sources close to his friends that Anson believes he is being unfairly limited/low balled because of his race
3) Of course its silly, and if he goes public with that threat/accusation he will REALLY be ostracized and NOT for race, but stupidity!

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