Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7-11 News

1) Yashin's Agent Miffed?

  • Amusing to read Alexei Yashin's agent Mark Gandler complaining that his client hasn't received any offers he would be happy with. He declined to say what compensation the oft-maligned Russian would consider fair, but he used the nebulous term ' fair market value'. Gandler went on to make a veiled threat that if his client didn't get a decent offer in the NHL, he would go back and play in Russia.

  • Sorry Mark, that doesn't pass the sniff test. No way does Alexei, after living and playing the better part of a decade+ in North America, go back to a 3rd world country that is Russia. Sure, he would get a decent pay cheque over there, and live comfortably, but its NOT the U.S! Add to that, we doubt his GF/wife-? Carol Alt will happily leave the states for freshly made Borsht.

  • Alexei's problem isn't so much his production, but the other problems that all the GM's in the league are well aware: His lack of heart/commitment. He may be a very nice man off the ice, but so far in his two stops he hasn't made any friends on the rink! What is he worth? He would be a decent 'risk' for a GM to take as a good 2nd line center, paying 2.5-3 mil. We also wouldn't offer any more than a 2 year commitment. If Gandler thinks he'll get much more than a 2 year 6 mil deal, he's sniffing glue! Yashin won't need any telethons if he fails to hook up with an NHL team. he's set to receive about 18 mil from the Isles over the next 8 years!

2) Lundqvist signs one year deal:

  • As we commented on recently, we didn't expect this to get close to the arbiter. The arbitration tool was used by Sather to prevent a Vanek-type offer sheet while negotiations went forward. As of this writing the amount of the contract is in doubt. One published report had the deal for 4.25, and another said 3 mil. We would assume the former is likely more accurate.

  • Its just a tad more than what we thought, but certainly less than the 5 or 6 some believed the Rangers would have to cough up if he went before the arbiter or if Henrik was given an offer sheet from another club. The two sides are prevented from negotiating a new deal until after January 1. Assuming Lundqvist continues to play well, look for the Rangers to step up and offer a 5 year deal extension at that time in the 25-30 mil range to lock up the Swede long term, and into his potential UFA days.

3) Don't feel sorry for Souray!

  • As we wrote about recently, many are surprised that the former Hab defender is still up for grabs a full 10 days into the FA sweep stakes. We have continued to monitor this situation with interest. What we're hearing is that Sheldon/his agent are now beginning to see that they over shot his value, and are considering lowering his salary demands. One insider told FAUXRUMORS late yesterday that Souray would have gone in the first hour if he were asking for less than 6 mil and less than 5 years

  • Souray apparently, as we wrote, limited his availability to only a select number of teams. That too they are reconsidering. Many of the teams on his 'wish list' are now not so deep in cap space. Sheldon WILL assuredly get a nice pay cheque when all this is said and done, but it certainly will not be the 5 year 35 mil deal he thought he would get.

  • One of the teams Souray reportedly wouldn't mind going to is the Devils. We're told Lou IS interested, BUT can not/will not dole out more than 5.5 mil. With his own potential "Vanek" in Zac Parise, Lou has to tread carefully in the UFA waters.

3) Is Ovechkin Worth "Crosby Money?"

  • This has been a recent discussion among several of us on this and other blogs since Sid's contract extension was signed yesterday. Some like 'Antz' believe that both players have contributed the same for each club, with the Pens having a far superior core helping the Pens achieve more team-wise than the caps have to date, so AO deserves the raise/comparable salary as Crosby

  • While others like 'Sauce' have postulated that there is no immediate need to extend AO's deal now, as even if a team were to give the Cap forward an offer sheet it wouldn't be for much more than what the Caps will have to give Ovechkin anyway. Why not see what he can do this year and see if he is worth a long term deal.

  • We at FAUXRUMORS can understand both positions. Sauce makes good points, but in the end its MORE than about the money. As our Islander friend correctly points out, the team will have to pay big bucks to retain the Russian regardless of when, BUT we feel that by doing the deal now instead of waiting another year lifts any possible cloud from the team that a contract can have. It also would give apparent stability to the team's fans. Ovechkin is the teams face right now, and knowing he will be there for many years to come would only help boost/increase interest. It also allows the Caps, not some other team, to set the terms of any new deal.
  • BTW, though he isn't quite in the same class as the 2 aforementioned forwards, Calgary's Dion Phaneuf is also a player who may benefit from the Crosby extension/Vanek offer sheet! The Flames are also in a bind with their star goalie, Kipper due to become a UFA next summer!


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Ka$hin is already getting paid a hell of a lot of money NOT to play. He ought to accept a lower salary and like it.

Of course, Gandler is the Scott Boras of the NHL, and will charge you $25 just for the privledge of typing out his name.

Antzmarching said...

1. Yashin should be happy that teams are even interested in him at this point in his career... This is the same guy who "quit" the NHL twice, financially devastated the NY Isles (with help from Milbury, Wang, etc), and who routinely gives 40% effort on the ice... Gandler ought to be more concerned about what is going on under that stupid turtle neck Yashin wears than complaining about "any" offers the "Albatross" receives...

2. Goaltending is what, 95% of the game? King Henrik will get what he wants and deserves... Even Sather isn't that much of a moron...

3. Souray certainly still has some value, just not on the same level he thinks he should possess... Where is "anotherhabsblog" Joe to weigh in on this one? He is Sheldon's BIGGEST fan...

4. And finally - YES, AO deserves comparable $$$ to Sid the Kid... If Alex were a Ranger, he would have already received his 10 year $200 million offer sheet... As soon as GM GM and Fat Ted realize that AO is a pretty decent player, they might come around with some cash...


1) We're amused by the Yashin to the Maple Leafs rumors. Who in hell is starting those?
2) Yashin can't go into Canada without wetting himself. He's not going to willingly sign with Toronto and have to play 58 of 82 games in the Great White North! Carol is hoping for a more tepid climate

Stacy Schnall said...

Who care where that rushan guy goes. he wusn't any good any ways. he got paid a lot of mony and dint do nuthin! I aint gunna luze any sleep over that. hehehehe

Antzmarching said...

Stacy guffaws: hehehehe

Why do you end so many of your posts with giggling?

Stacy Schnall said...

Ant man. your just pissed cuz i won't get wit ya! You aint gettin none of this!

Antzmarching said...

LOL... At least I put an end to the giggling...

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