Friday, July 27, 2007

Poll Closed/Results and other stuff.

1) The results are in and we thank some of our most loyal readers who took the time to respond to our poll the past week. Some interesting results. For one we understand the pol is anything but scientific and can be skewed by bias, but being fans and biased are synonymous, so take it for what its worth.

2) Ryan Smith easily doubled up his closest competition Daniel Briere 20 votes to 10. Only one responder, our own Antzmarching, recognized our tongue in cheek change of Briere's name to Danielle. That in response to his adolescent, almost feminine appearance.

3) The surprises we thought in the result are the fact that Scott Gomez who signed one of the more lucrative deal wasn't voted upon even once. His new team mate Chris Drury received a decent 4 votes. The last of the big signers, Sheldon Suray got ignored as well. Our usual comic relief inclusion of Yashin in all our polls garnered 5 (protest) votes.

4) Stay tuned to Fauxrumors in the upcoming days look for FAUXRUMORS2 annual post where they Rate all the NHL franchises. Its a must read, and we're told will have some interesting results.

5) Following this, all of us in The FAUXRUMORS Group, LLC look forward to going on our (now) annual vacation/summer meeting. This year we will be going to one of FAUXRUMORS2'S favourite hide-aways; a place in the Tuscany region of Italy called Bagni di Pisa. Its some kind of exclusive(which probably means expensive LOL) spa or resort. We've heard FAUXRUMORS2 rave about it, so we'll all get to see what all the talk is about. Anyway, we will probably not post during that week, unless we're alerted to some kind of Earth shattering deal that's about to go down. We promised our families we'd keep the business side of things to a minimum so don't expect too many posts from Next Friday August 3rd, until at least Sunday August the 12th.


Antzmarching said...

1. Yashin should have won... That team in Russia is certainly better off with AlexiS on board... Just wait until he quits, wets his diaper, and begs to come back to the NHL... Yashin is pathetic...

2. Briere IS a girl... Another rumor blog said so... LOL

3. Had I not voted for Yashin twice, I definitely would have selected Gomez... He will probably play along side Jagr, as well as being granted maximum PP time... Scottie may have a big year... As a matter of fact, I will be selecting the Rag$ as division winners when Faux announces predictions...

4. Faux and Faux2, you can be sure that Antz will be joining the group in Italy... I hope to see Teresa and Jitzie there too, as they are fantastic company... In fact, I just got off the cell with Ann Maiorana, and she indicated great interest in the Toscana gathering... It should be a blast...

The Dark Ranger said...

Happy vacation and drink vino and get some action.

The Dark Ranger

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