Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 11 Results

1) Our pre-holiday edition of our weekly picks is in the books.  For the day/night we went a very mediocre 7-6  to bring the season totals to 91-44 for a .674 winning %.  As an aside there were an amazing 5 of the 13 games that went beyond the 60 minute mark to be decided. Of those we went  2-3.  Of course one, the Sharks winning in OT helped us to extend our 'Locks' record to 8-3. WE will be back at this again next Saturday the 27th when the NHL ends its self imposed 3 day X-mas break with 13 big games

2) Many of our readers who have not been with us from the beginning (2006-2007) have been asking us about a certain blog irritant and why he continually pesters the blog disparaging us as well as our readers. Those who have been with us from the beginning know his checkered quasi-psychotic tendencies.  We look at it as comic relief for the blog, as he is now harmless, and unless he starts to write threatening responses we won't edit/restrict/erase his usual inane ramblings

3) As we mentioned the NHL X-mas break starts Wednesday through Friday.  We are probably going to drop at least 1 post before then.  As always keep it here for all the latest!!


hawk said...

I would be a little more careful about what you write my friend. This is NOT a threat, but a warning. I am watching!

stevens8204 said...

Come on Clayton, I don't always agree with Faux, but this is a pretty decent hockey blog so lets stop the bullshit, OK? I know where YOU live! HAHAHA

Dr. George Varga said...

Faux, although my specialty wasn't psychiatry (it was neurology) this fellow clearly demonstrates tendencies of a delusional disorder.

These poor folks experience bizarre delusions, which involve situations that could occur in real life, such as being followed, poisoned, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance. These delusions usually involve the misinterpretation of perceptions or experiences. In reality, however, the situations are either not true at all or highly exaggerated.
Perhaps he already is under treatment? Lets hope so for his sake!


1) Thanks for the support Steve!
2) Doc I think you are spot on in your assessment! Delusional is an excellent description.
3) Thanks to all who wrote us private e-mails for your support!

HockeyNutz said...

Oh this should be fun! LOL! Where to many fauxfrauds to expose here...

Where should I start...

1. maybe first how funny it is when you post your picks days after the games are completed you still get a couple wrong...but even funnier is when you actually do post your games before they are played you pretty much hit .500 as you did on week 11.

2. Or maybe the plethora of faux Blogger that seem to appear...all created in 2007...and all with blogger comment histories that show the only blog they have commented on in the past 12 months is this one. What a crazy coincidence that they all come out at the same time...and comment on the same posts...when they haven't commented anywhere else in over a year.

3. I love how you bring in a Dr. Varga to provide medical advice when the photo you used on his profile is of Dr. Varga...Professor of Mathematics! Neurology...mathematics...almost the same thing!

But I think the most amazing thing about all this is the power I seem to have over you...a couple simple comments on your blog pointing out your frauds and all of a sudden you are digging up old fake blogger IDs...trying to discredit me.

I truly feel sad for you. How poor and unfulfilling your life must be to have to create a fake blogger IDs so you can feel someone reads your blog...or to have to post game predictions days after the games so you can feel some level of adequacy and say you have a great winning percentage...

Christmas time is a great time for those less fortunate to get the help they need...I certainly hope someone helps you you can put your best FOOT forward in the new year.


1) Wow Clayton, where do we start here. Well, we'll take each delusion one at a time.
a) Our picks are all posted prior to the first game puck drop. Can't prove a negative, but feel free. LOL
b) We don't care who responds and when they started to become active in the blogosphere. Perhaps many started that year because thats when blogging became popular? Not sure all are from 2007? We don't really check their 'bios' I guess you have ample time to do that, again feel free, enjoy. :)
c) The good Dr. sounds legit, but I don't vet out the backgrounds of those who comment.
d) Speaking of power, I evidently maintain a large rent free space in your head!LOL
2) Those who attack others usually are hiding "inadequacies" of their own. I believe its called 'projecting'. Too bad we didn't have a psychiatrist reader who could comment here and perhaps give you some well needed help!

Dr. George Varga said...

I don't want to get involved in your tiffs but I was mentioned so to set the record strait, I am a retired physician. I would never be confused with a mathematician. I can say that for certain. I did get through a few calculus classes back in college, but it was a mighty struggle. HEHE


1) Thanks Doc. Your declaration wasn't necessary though. No matter what you or I wrote I have no doubt that Nutz/Clayton would have some new delusional explanation/attack, etc.

Jintzie said...

Mr. Faux will I be in trouble with that crazy fella because its been a while since I last asked ya a question here?
Anyways its been quite a while since ya did a power rankings on here. My sharks are lookin tough to beat these days and think they shuld be atop the heep. best to you and yours


1) Hey JC, a name from our distant past. Its been way too long my friend. We need to do another faux trip out west to see you and your lovely wife for some home cooked Italian food!
2)Not to worry about that imbecile, you know from the past he's just trying to pull my chain. Anyway, your are very astute about our lack of a Power Rankings post. Great idea. I think we'll do one as an end of the year posting, OK?
3) I agree your Sharks if they keep up their lay will be pushing for a top slot.
4) Best to you as well my friend. Buon Natale!

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