Saturday, December 20, 2014

Week 11 Picks

1) The pre-holiday edition of our weekly picks. There are 12 games being played today/night in the NHL. We of course risk our amazing record through 10 weeks of 84-38, or  .689 winning %.

Arizona at Los Angeles: Kings

Colorado at Buffalo: Sabres

 Philadelphia at Toronto: Maple Leafs

 Ottawa at Montreal: Habitants

 Tampa Bay at NY Islanders: Lightning

 Florida at Pittsburgh: Penguins

 Washington at New Jersey: Capitals

 NY Rangers at Carolina: Rangers

 Chicago at Columbus: Blue Jackets

 Nashville at Minnesota: Wild

 Calgary at Vancouver: Flames

 St. Louis at San Jose: Sharks (Lock of the Week)


HockeyNutz said...

LOL...what a complete ASSHAT! What kind of moron makes predictions for week 10 nearly a full week AFTER the games are completed and still gets 3 wrong! HILARIOUS! What is even funnier is that you actually think there is anyone reading this blog! Guess what...check out your hit counter...YUP...just you coming to your site...and my once a week visit. Oh yea...can't forget the random spammer comment you got for week 9. LOL!

Dr. George Varga said...

So what is it going to take to get my avalanche back into it? I'd hate to see us become another Edmonton!

PowerPuff said...

Hey Faux, do you really think we're going to go into GM and beat those Nuck-elheads? I sure hope you're right!


Doc: Nah, I don't think the Avs management is nearly as dysfunctional as the Oil is from top to bottom!
2) PP: Those Flames are playing well!


I am loving watching colorado and their asshole coach lose!

HockeyNutz said...

Hilarious...despite the fact that none of these commenters has commented on your blog in over 18 months they all suddenly comment on the same blog post on the same day. ALmost as though they are all the same person...naw...who would do that...I mean what kind of sad and pathetic person would have to resort to 'faux' blogger ids to actually have anyone comment and visit on his blog. I am sure these are all real people who just happened to comment on the same blog post...on the same day...nearly at the same time...all from the same IP Address (check the blog source code for this info!!!!) HILARIOUS!!!!! BUSTED you ASSWAFFLE!


1) Fake ID's? LOL You're the king of Faux-ID's my 'friend'
2) Since we use multiple 'sources for our own usage, we would be curious to know what is the "IP adddress" you are finding for all our responders??

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