Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Eakins Fired, But Oilers Still Suck!

1) Apparently GM Craig Mc Tavish either had a change of heart, or as our sources tell us the decision to fire Eakins was made from the top. Owner, drug dealer Daryl Katz gave the directive after watching his team lose yet another game last night o the NY Rangers. To review only 10 days ago when asked about Eakins job security he said:" “Coaching is under scrutiny, but in my mind, at this time, to make a coaching change … we’ve changed assistant coaches. We’ve brought in co-coaches. We’ve brought in former coaches. Four coaching changes … as I said earlier, those coaches were all delivering the same message. We need a higher level of execution.”

2) Evidently that thought process has changed. Insiders tell Fauxrumors that Katz has become incensed when his team not only continued to lose, but appeared to stop competing/caring. This even prompted goalie Viktor Fasth to have a visible emotional out burst after getting pulled a few days ago. Calling out his team mates out in front of  everyone while on the bench.

3) McTavish takes over this train wreck and is amazingly the 6th coach since 2008, and very likely won't stay through the rest of the season so we very well may be looking at # 7 soon. In our opinion the problem hasn't been coaches but poor talent management. Although they have had oodles of 1st overall/lottery picks the past 5 years it takes more than 1st rounders to make a playoff contender, let alone a Cup contending team.  It takes talent along with leadership. A mix of youth and veteren leadership is the usual recipe and management has yet to grasp this.



That is one fucking funny post bud

stevens8204 said...

I don't think the oliers are that far off from competing. They just need better direction and maybe a player or 2


1) Steve, they may not be, but NOT with this current roster. McTavish will have to actually make a big trade at some point.
2) His job is riding on what assets he deals and if he gets back something that will change the status quo

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