Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas.. Now You're Fired!

1) Nice timing Lou (The Grinch) Lamarello! The Devils  have fired coach Pete DeBoer, the team confirmed today.   General manager/team president Lou Lamoriello will not address the change, however, until he talks with the team's players on Saturday morning before they are scheduled to play the cross town rival, Rangers. The Devils (12-17-7) have lost seven of their past eight games and 13 of 16 since Nov. 22.  They have the third-worst record in the Eastern Conference and are nine points out of a playoff spotDeBoer, 46, went 114-93-41 in 3½ seasons with the Devils. 

2) If it seemed that Lamoriello  has a quick trigger finger when it comes to coaches it would  be a correct feeling. In  fact, over the past 15 seasons played, the Devils have made a league-high 13 coaching changes!! Amazing.  Now it really isn't a shocker that Peter was let go, but the timing Lou? Really?  Canning him the day after x-mas!  WE in our annual "who gets axed first post In that post under DeBoer we wrote: A very underrated head coach who is entering his 4th season in Jersey.  In a tough spot as he coaches the oldest NHL team and is one injury (Schneider) away from getting fired.  If they get off to a slow start Peter could easily find himself getting that dreaded call for Mr. Lou!  

3) So where do the Devils go from here?  Although its not yet been made official our NJ sources tell us Lou does NOT intend to return behind the bench like he did on previous occasions. Instead we are being told that we may see what they are terming "co-coaches". We aren't clear yet who those individuals will be, but we're told not to be surprised to see Adam  Oats be one of them.  As for DeBoer, as we have maintained since he was hired by the Devils, he is an under rated coach who has done the best anyone could have asked  with the rosters he has been given both in Jersey and before that in Florida. As such we wouldn't be shocked to hear that he lands with another team if not before this season concludes, but certainly by next season!


The Co-Pilot said...

Good call on Oats Faux! I don't think anyone had that scoop. To bad you didn't meention Stevens.

DexTer said...

I can't blame Lou in this case. What would have been better timing Faux? The Devils were fading fast and he needed to do something before the season was toast

dlyjoe5726 said...

who the fuck gives a rats asshole what the fuckin devils and their asshole gm do!


1) Copilot: I guess we were incorrect about Lou getting behind the bench
2) Dexter: I guess you have a point, but just seems wrong to do it when he did
3) DLY: All we can ever say when you respond is Wow! LOL

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