Monday, August 27, 2012

"New" NHL Offer to Be Tabled Tomorrow!

1) We italicized the word 'new' in the title because although it will be technically a new proposal, insiders tell Fauxrumors exclusively to NOT expect any major concessions in the NHL offer. In fact one person who knows what will be offered tells fauxrumors that its very likely that the players will walk away from the table tomorrow, look at the 'new' proposal and wonder what the hell the difference is?  "They might as well have just changed the font on the lettering" is how our source describes the NHL's proposal.

2) We're told the NHL was almost forced to do this perfunctory retort to the players proposal in order to avoid any possibility that they could be challenged in court to not negotiating in good faith.  This way, we're told, the NHL can say that they not only made an initial proposal, but also responded to the players "incomplete" document with yet another comprehensive CBA offer.  "Its a total joke" is how our source describes this. " Everyone from the players to the owners know whats happening here, but its all about PR and legal maneuvering right now".  We discern from that, that things are going to go from bad to worse (as we expected all along).  Its just a matter of time until the inevitable 'impasse is declared and the work stoppage commences right on schedule.  WE hate to sound like broken records here, but we can't change what we are seeing and hearing here.  Sorry folks.  Find alternative entertainment options for the fall.

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