Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As We Were saying......

1) While many bloggers/sports writers are wringing their collective hands at the now clear impasse that exists between the NHL and NHLPA, we at Fauxrumors simply say, See we told ya so!  Almost universally everyone (including us) who read the players' proposal set forth yesterday said it was a significant step forward.  It was visionary, had very significant concessions, as well as laid the ground work to help make the lower revenue teams more solvent over time. Something the last CBA evidently did not do.

2) However where we at Fauxrumors and the rest (almost all) of the blogosphere differed significantly was what we predicted would come of the proposal.  They believed it would be met with surprise by the owners and it would spurn continued productive discussions ultimately toward a new CBA agreement and a saved season. Optimism abounded yesterday at this time. Meanwhile we said 'not so fast'! No way does the NHL agree to de-link revenue from players salaries. We believed that there was about a ZERO % chance the NHL would agree to anything but a plan that works off the existing system.

3) It was clear as crystal to us. Gary Bettman is so predictable. He also was a bit hypocritical in his assessment of the players proposal. Yesterday his gave is a backhanded compliment that it was clear the players didn't put this together in an hour or two. Then today he retorts that it was disappointing to see at this late stage that the players have yet to produce a comprehensive proposal.  What???  Sounds like Gary is talking out of both sides of his mouth (again)

4) Bettman stated publicly for the first time that the past deals from the NBA and NFL were what the NHL wanted. That anything other than a huge concession with respect to % of revenue is a non starter. Exactly what we at Fauxrumors have been saying since this whole charade of a process started last month.  There is now an impasse.  It will likely descend and begin to get testy/nasty. I don't think the owners care if they are winning the PR battle or not. They took the lead from the NBA where the players ostensibly have a better bargaining position and still lost and feel they are going to instill their will on the players one way or the other. Either take the 43%( they'll probably settle for 46% ultimately) and start playing/getting paid now, or get the same % in 2,4, 6,12 months from now and lose a season of your short careers.  The owners can NOT be split. The players can and will be.  We stick with our original prediction. Lockout till about Thanksgiving. Fehr is fired or resigns and play resumes around X-mas. Until then get ready for more days like today(as we have been saying)

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