Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bettman Full of Poop!

1) The NHLPA presentation just finished up a couple of minutes ago and Gary Bettman then held a brief press conference afterwards to (not) discuss the meeting. In it he mentioned that it appeared that "the NHLPA proposal wasn't made in an hour or two" .(In other words, it was complicated/well thought out/was going to be hard to demonize without further study?

2) The part that pissed me off was that when asked when the NHL would be able to respond to it he said tomorrow.  What the FIts so complicated that they will be able to have a cogent response in a few hours(assuming they sleep)?  It doesn't pass the sniff test. Its quite evident its simply a PR move to appear to be mulling the players proposal before the inevitable......

3) " The NHL has reviewed the players well meaning proposal but it does not address the major concerns the NHL has so we have to reject it based upon the flawed principals on which its based. From there its the unknown (well, not really).  What/who will take the next step from there?  At that point both sides will have made their positions known. Where will they go from there?  Posturing no doubt.  Both sides will publicly say that they are willing to be flexible without being, well flexible.  Then in a week or so of further posturing/discussions we will hear we are at an impasse, and talks will probably break down and the finger pointing/public out-cries will (finally) start. In the mean time Mr. Bettman can you stop bull shitting us?

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